AFJ’S 10 Awesome Toy Commercials

Good toy commercials have become a thing of the past. Much like the quality of the toys, they are cheaply made, loaded with quick cuts, and lack any real charm. We here at Action Figure Junkies love our toys. We also have fond memories of those toy commercials. Many times, they featured the voice actors from the cartoon in new animated sequences that never appeared in the show. Now, those commercials are like pure gold to us Junkies. Here are 10 Awesome Toy Commercials further illustrating that they just don’t make them like this anymore. #AFJ4LIFE

10. G.I.Joe - Introducing: Footloose, Flint, and Bazooka
Case in point to my opening statements, here is a classic G.I.Joe commercial that features Cobra Commander himself, Christopher Latta. It also reminds us that after Star Wars faded away, Hasbro ruled the toy aisle with G.I. Joe! 

9. GoBots Command Center
I never liked Gobots. I have tried or did when I was a kid. It always seemed like something for my little brother. To be honest he didn’t like them either. Why AFJ picked this one is that they are trying to make the most out of that crappy command center. Which is really nothing but a poor man’s version of Kenner’s AT-AT.

8. Robotix
A very cool Sci-Fi cartoon with toys, price point wise, that was a little out of people’s reach.
7. M.A.S.K
M.A.S.K is a great concept, two toys in one! I always wish the figures and the vehicles could have been at the 3.75 scale. This way you could have had G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K crossover adventures!

6. Centurions

I went back and caught an episode of Centurions recently. It does not hold up. Looking back, I got really sad for Doc Terror and Hacker. Did they ever find peace in their robot bodies? Yes, there are times I over think things.
5. Trap Jaw Commercial - Masters of Universe

Why would you not want Trap Jaw? Sure the character on the show was a dope, but the figure was dope! Still, I love all those accessories.

4. G. I. Joe - U.S.S. Flagg Aircraft Carrier

I won’t lie to you, I had this. It was as cool as you would expect it to be. Only now I look back and think, really Hasbro? You could not include a single battery for this toy? Especially with it costing over $100.

3. Batman - The Dark Knight Collection
This is from the second, far superior, wave of 1989 Batman toys. Who cares that the Joker died in the movie? The war against crime rages on!

2. Palitoy Star Wars Rancor Commercial
The best toy commercials simulated a world that you could actually create in your own backyard. I finally got a Rancor, FYI. It only took 35 years! Yes, I mean an original Kenner one.

1. Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

An obscure toy line from the eighties that had a fantastic look. Sadly, it failed to connect with its audience. I read the comic book tie-in and loved the backstory and set up for this brave new world. This is one line, story-wise, that could use a reboot.

Take Note: In 2016 Hasbro dusted off their Mighty Mugg line with a Visionary Knight, Leoric, for a Comic-Con Exclusive. Perhaps that reboot is not too far off.

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