AFJ’S 10 Excellent Toy Commercials from Yesteryear

Happy Saturday and with it AFJ's dose of toy commercials. No real tie-in this week only a great sampling of some oddities that we discovered on YouTube. We will mention that this week is heavy with nineties action figures. It was an odd time for toys like Transformers and G.I. Joe had faded away and many companies kept looking for the next big thing. Fear not as there are a couple of spots from the eighties too!

Dino Riders

This was a cool cartoon (as my memory recalls). The toys were great too. How could they not be as you had mechanized, battle platted, dinosaurs as the key toy!


Don't remember the Silverhawks? It was just the Thundercats in space, only with hawks.

Street Sharks

The nineties really were a strange time for toys. Case in point, Street Sharks!

The Uncanny X-Men Action Figures
Yes, they are so far from ordinary men.

TMNT - Technodrome
Who doesn’t love a mobile command center? I think they could have beefed up Shredder’s master control room though.

Fright Zone

Still one of the coolest playsets ever!


Will we ever see a live action version of this property?

Elastic Hero DC Collection

I get Plastic Man, but why not Elastic Lad over making a Batman and Superman?

It looks cool, however, it will make you grow a tail, as this spot indicates.

Mattel Secret Wars

Still an incredible toy line. Check out our “Top 5 Secret Wars Figures” HERE.


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