AFJ’S 10 Favorite MEGO Figures From 2018

When Mego announced their return, just prior to the San Diego Comic-Con, we were scratching our heads over the idea. Certainly, the Mego style doll has its niche audience. There have been tons of releases and exclusives in the Mego style (since their demise). Yet, this time, Mego (back in full force) announced that they had an exclusive deal with Target. Then they revealed their packaging of a Sulu: Star Trek figure. It, being a Star Trek release, was a solid step in the right direction, but Sulu? Why not Kirk or Spock? They quickly followed. We saw our first must-have figure in one Bela Lugosi styled Dracula. Before we knew it, Frankenstein, in Boris Karloff's likeness, was announced. Here we had both new classic Universal Monsters and Star Trek characters on the shelf. Perhaps there was something to this whole Mego thing. Below you will find "AFJ's 10 Favorite Mego Figures from 2018". Since they only really arrived in July, the amount was pretty spectacular. Now we have a full year of Mego releases to look forward to. #AFJ4LIFE

10. Star Trek Mirror Mirror Sulu and Uhura (Two-Pack)

The "Mirror Mirror" universe, in Star Trek, is a fun playground for stories, however, we found this two pack of Uhura and Sulu to be more fun than the "Mirror Mirror" Kirk and Spock. It's actually having Uhura, her first Mego in decades and that scar on Sulu's face that make them worth picking up. Plus this Sulu in one true badass villain.

9. Wonder Woman (14-Inch)
Wonder Woman was one of the first 4 Mego figures that AFJ reviewed (Watch our review HERE). We were surprised at the level of detail and articulation. Sometimes, maybe more often than not, toys should be just that, toys and a lot of fun. We have a blast with all the 14-inch DC Superheroes (Wave 1), however, the Amazon was clearly our favorite.

8. Greg Brady

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would have a Greg Brady action figure, let alone one from the "Hawaii Bound" Brady Bunch episode. Greg comes complete with a Hawaiian shirt and cursed Tiki idol. On a side note, we are still in the process of converting him into a Magnum PI Mego figure. What are we talking about? Check out our video review of Greg and Wave 2 HERE to find out more.

7. Romulan Commander
We were all about Kirk and Spock (both regular and "Mirror Mirror" versions) when the line starting turning out Star Trek figures. While searching for Spock, we came across the Romulan Commander. It was a complete moment of realization and wonder and just how awesome this Mego was. Everything from the gold helmet to the silver sparkles in the uniform told us we had to have it. This and the following Mego really pushed us over the edge to collect all the Trek figures.

6. Gorn
Now the Gorn, who was super hot for all of ten minutes when he arrived, is now getting slightly easier to find. We still placed him in our Top 10 as he was such a surprise. The head sculpt is amazing and the costume is simplistic and perfect. Check out our 2.0 review of him from Instagram HERE.

5. Captain Kirk (Green Shirt)
For a long time, in the fall and winter of 2018, Captain Kirk in the green shirt was our white whale. Then on a glorious day, we found one tucked away behind some Tooties. He's incredible and the perfect replacement for our original Captain Kirk who, to be honest, and one too many tussles with that ever alien creature we could find.

4. Spock
Spock is still on our "must-have" list as we have never seen on in the wild. We are constantly on the hunt for Spock and hope that future waves will warrant some additional Spocks at Target. This Mego, the original, was one of our favorites as a kid and got away from us do to another child's vengeance. Upon the release of this list, we still haven't found him. The search for Spock continues.

3. Face of the Screaming Werewolf
The Wolfman really kick-started the Universal Monster Mego craze for us. Yes, we saw Dracula and knew that a Frankenstein was out there, somewhere. Yet, with the possibility of having three Universal Monsters, we knew if committed to this whole Mego thing, going back and getting the other two was going to be a real pain in the neck. As for Wolfie here, we love everything from his tattered clothes to his paws.

2. Frankenstein
This was our first Universal Monster from the line and he is glorious. Thankfully, we walked into a Target on the right day and time and were able to score a couple for our AFJ staff. He's amazing and everything that Frankenstein as a Mego should be. We love him, but for the number one spot we had to give that honor his rival, sorry Boris.

1. Dracula
He was the first Mego we knew we had to have, even if we didn't buy any of the others. It's freakin' Bela Lugosi as Dracula and it was released in 2018! This was a NEW Universal Monster toy! We saw him early on and the plethora of Draculas resting on the pegs, so we didn't get him. What a huge mistake. Ordering him was out of the question, however, we persevered and picked up both Wolfie and Frank, just in case. A week before Thanksgiving, there he was, on the front of the peg. It was as if a heavenly light had shined upon us. He is our #1 Mego, for multiple reasons, as you can see. Yet, we can't help as to wonder, will the Mummy or the Creature from the Black Lagoon be next?

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    Christopher C January 3, 2019 at 7:49 am

    I’ve been lucky enough to get all the Star Trek ones and some amazing 14” (Wonder Woman!) and starting my KISS figures! These rock! They seem so oddly out of place between wrestlers in target toy aisles, like these cool, retro 70’s figures that were somehow found in a box year and years later! Keep me coming!

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