We decided to come up with a marketing challenge this week for our Saturday Toy Commercial feature. First up, how many Guardians of the Galaxy toy commercials could we find? In all honesty, more than we thought. We knew it would not fill out a full ten spots regardless. We decided to open up our search to include the word "galaxy", "galactic", and two of the new stars from Vol. 2. We knew we would find Rambo and Stargate toys, but the last commercial is great! We invite you to sit back and finish off that cereal with "10 Great Guardians of the Galaxy Tie-In Commercials".

Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon Action Figure
I have one! I have no problem admitting that.

Demolition Man

Boy, do these look terrible. Beyond terrible actually. 

Hey, we did one for Sly, now we have to one for Kurt Russell. Here is Russell’s Col. Jack O’Neil. 

Dancing Groot
I don't know about the “Dancing Groot” toy, but those costumes, on the kids, are fantastic! 

LEGO Superheroes - Guardians Of The Galaxy

Sadly, they are all probably more expensive, now, than we would like. 

Rambo: Force of Freedom
It still amazes me that the second Rambo, an R-Rated film, had a spin-off cartoon series. 

Titan Hero Series

These go against everything die-hard collector’s like about points of articulation. That being said, they sell insanely well.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Megazord
I’ve never understood the fascination with space ninjas, I mean the Power Rangers. 

Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon

My nephews had this. I’m always on the lookout for one, while toy hunting at yard sales. It is pretty cool. 

Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster

Whoa, this thing is awesome. Recognize the kid?

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