AFJ’S 10 Incredible Toy Commercials From Yesteryear

Another week of toy collecting has passed. Once again we turn to those toy commercials of yesteryear for the best and worst at what has come before. We have a few gems this week, in both categories, and threw in a bonus commercial of Adam West. We hope you have a great Saturday of toy hunting and remember to be good to your fellow Junkies! #AFJ4Life

Super Mario Bros. Movie ERTL Action Figure
“They’re not real”. Well, then why did you feature a live-action one in the commercial? 

Batman 1989

I want and need that Batcave!

Kenner’s SuperPowers Collection
I love the size of the timer on the Joker and Lex Luthor’s bomb! Glad to see Aquaman get some love too!

The Black Hole
I love that they had to set up a “Black Hole” to play with these figures. I love the robots in this line, the humans not so much.

Large Size Indiana Jones
I had this one and the Han Solo for Star Wars. The odd part was they had different colored eyes. One had green and the other blue. Honest!

WWF Toys

We’ve haven’t given much love to the WWE in our toy columns. With that being said, we love the intensity of the WWE Superstars in this commercial.

Spider-Man Web Copter
I understand they need to sell toys, but Spider-Man doesn't have a helicopter! This upsets me on so many levels.

X-Men Headquarters
Another awesome headquarters!

The Incredible Hulk Rage Cage

Isn’t this toy really a one trick pony? After you do it once, then what? Show someone else? 

Power Lords
I love that half of this 30-second commercial is animation! I used to see Adam Power at yard sales all the time back in the eighties. He scared me. The preview is not coming up below, but it works!!!

***BONUS SPOT*** Batman's Adam West Does Nestle Quik Commercial

YouTube can be a rabbit hole that you fall into and discover some incredible things.

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