We invite you, once again, to journey back with us to the days when toys had commercials. Really good commercials for really cool toys. Much like the quality of the toys, commercials today, are cheaply made, loaded with quick cuts, and lack any real charm. We here at Action Figure Junkies love our toys. We also have fond memories of those commercials. These commercials have become pure gold to us Junkies. Here are “10 Incredible Toy Commercials” that illustrate that they just don’t make them like this anymore. We apologize in advance if these send you directly to eBay. #AFJ4LIFE

The Animal
Okay, technically not an action figure, but “The Animal” is an insane toy. I used mine to plow over the forces of Cobra!
I never knew the ghost with the most had these pretty cool toys. His gravesite play set just made it onto my eBay watch list.
Battlestar Galactica
My Ovion figures, yes, I had more than one, found their way into the bowels of Jabba’s Palace. They were really creepy man-insect action figures.

The Real Ghostbusters

This was a cool line of toys. The toy to cartoon likeness was spot on and one of the main toys was slime! Oh, we should mention that opening live-action segment, way cool.

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT
Still one of the coolest toys ever. I just noticed that these vintage Star Wars Toy Commercials all use the same music. Why not any of John Williams' classic score?

SuperPowers Action Figures
Yes, that is the Jimmy Olson (Marc McClure) telling us about a mail-away figure!

Masters of The Universe - Prince Adam & Orko Toy Commercial
Okay, two things. First, yes, that is Peter Cullen narrating this commercial. The second and more important, this advertisement doesn’t really sell me on wanting an Orko figure.

Planet of the Apes Fortress Playset
There is all kinds of craziness going on here. Though I would have to say the biggest selling point for this toy in its sun reflector.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars AT-TE
This is one of the last great Star Wars Toy Commercials. My biggest question for this one is, how did these kids get that dry ice? I used to build jungle fortresses, but this is taking to another level.

Mego Batman: Batmobile, Batcycle, and The Joker
Definitely the coolest commercial you will see today!

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