It is our favorite day of the week here at Action Figure Junkies. It is the day for toy hunting. Whether that be at the local brick and mortar store, yard sales, or heading out to the flea market, Saturday is for toys. We are keeping our Saturday feature going this week with a look at "10 Marvelous Toy Commercials" from yesteryear. I wish I could say that all the toys are as marvelous as these commercials, but some are just eye openers to another era in marketing. Stay in your pajamas just a tad longer, finish off that cereal, and give AFJ 5 minutes of your day before you head out. 

Battlestar Galactica - Cylon Bubble Machine
Yes, you too can make lots and lots of shiny bubbles. 

Aliens - 1990s Toy Commercial

It’s fascinating that not only did the first Alien film spawn a toy, but its sequel Aliens spawn even more. Remember, this franchise is rated R.

Masters of the Universe - Land Shark
Ah, the “Jaws” music parallels are hilarious! 

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Did you even notice mom preparing a picnic lunch? 

Gizmo Gremlins Plush Doll
The audacity of this kid to take a Mogwai out in a rainstorm! Talk about taking the lives of everyone on planet Earth in your hands.

The Saga of Crystar

Oh yeah, I just woke up some old memories in your noggin. 

Transformers: Generation 1 - Blaster

Who wants a walkman when you can have a boombox?!

I wish I had the Ice Castle, not really anything else from this line. Yikes. 

G. I. Joe Commercial - The Fridge

Sadly, I ordered two. It’s my toy collector's shame.

Batman Forever
The Batman Signal Blaster sounds more like a weapon for the bad guys, right?

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