Greetings and salutations Junkies as Saturday is now upon is. Before you head out on your epic toy hunts today, both new and vintage, we ask that you take a whole 5 minutes and check out our “10 10 Super Toy Commercials”. It's a quick walk down memory lane and who knows, it may even help you with your vintage hunt today! #AFJ4LIFE

Here is an awesome set of toys for an incredible cartoon series. With all the reboots and live action things Disney is doing, why not Gargoyles?

ROM: The Space Knight
If you grew up in the 80’s you might remember ROM. However, if you did not, yes Marvel Comics green-lighted one of their characters to get an 18-inch action figure made that was not Spider-Man or the Hulk. Honest! 

TMNT - Wacky Wild West
It seems as if they were really stretching here for ideas. Just a bit.
Superman (1996)
“Don’t mess with the ’S’”, Nuff’ said.

Swamp Thing - Action Figure and Playset
I love the Swamp Thing playset, but why does he need a vehicle?
I loved the movie. The toys not so much. Looking back, the bad guy’s stuff is pretty cool.
Food Fighters
What the hell? Seriously, imagine getting one of these for your birthday.
The Shadow

This is a sweet commercial for some pretty cool toys. Sadly, the movie did not do so well. 

Mars Attacks
What? Don't you remember that Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks had action figures? Guess what? They were awesome!
Alien - Kenner
The quality of the video is the best we have ever seen.

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