Really good, awe-inspiring, toy commercials have become a thing of the past. Today they are loaded with quick cuts, special effects, and lack any real charm. This also goes hand in hand with the product too. We here at Action Figure Junkies love our toys. We also have fond memories of those toy commercials. The very same commercials that lead us to drive our parents crazy until we got said toy. Here are "10 Terrific Toy Commercial"s and further proof, that they just don’t make them like this anymore.

10. Inhumanoids Tendril
Big giant action figures! What’s not to love?

9. Imperial Snow Trooper and FX-7
Okay, maybe a little too much "goodwill" going on here.

8. World of Mego Action Figures
If only they still made these! So many different properties.
7. Omega Supreme
The music, the cartoon footage, and one awesome toy make for a terrific toy commercial.
6. Sectaurs Toy Commercial 'The Hive'
This was an awesome toy line. Too bad the cartoon did not foster a larger following!
5. Captain Power Toys
Captain Power delivered on both a cool TV series and a cool interactive toy!
4. Admiral Ackbar
Revenge of the Jedi? It’s a Trap (and that is your obligatory Admiral Ackbar joke of the day).
3. Alien Action Figure
Why make a toy for a Rated R movie? This was unheard circa 1979.
2. Super Powers Collection
There are just so many terrific toys all in one place. This is a great commercial for a great toy line.
1. Mego Hulk and Spider-Man
I love the Hulk’s shirt. I love it almost as much as the background music.

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