Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight is here. May Cybertron help us all. The great thing about a new Transformers movie is the tie-ins. We here at Mania love our Transformers and with each movie, we get the chance to reminisce about that great cartoon and the incredible toy line. As we are now (ahem) adults and have long since outgrown (ahem) toys we put together a list of 10 Terrific Transformers Toys worth buying all over again. Good luck in finding these Transformers, as well as, the money to buy them.

10. Shockwave
Shockwave makes the list for two reasons. The first reason is the figure’s sheer size. The second and far more important is his storyline in the Marvel Comic. In the cartoon, he was the keeper of Cybertron. Comic Book Shockwave, on the other hand, wanted to rule. A terrific toy regardless of what “universe” you played with him in.

9. 2010 SDCC Exclusive Figure - Blaster
This Con Exclusive had it all. Blaster not only came with a great box (shown above) but Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Eject too. This makes the figure far superior to his original which came with nothing. If only this one played his signature tune.

8. Omega Supreme
Big, bad, and sort of slow Omega Supreme was the biggest Transformer upon his release. He even moved on his own. This was a feature that only a few of the toys ever had. Big toys are the best and Omega easily makes our list.

7. Predaking
This terrific set of Transformers, the Predacons, formed Predaking. These weren’t your $6.99 Transformers that you put together. No, these were the big $19.99 ones that were in the same class as Starscream and Jazz. Unified they became an awesome terrific sight.

6. Transformers Exclusive Masterpiece Grimlock
This 2010 Toys R Us exclusive was delayed a few times but it has nonetheless found its way to Amazon. Equally terrific is the price for this toy that is just a mere two years old.

5. Devastator

Here is a prime example of those buildable $6.99 figures. You didn’t care then because Devastator was the first to do this! The Constructicons were an immediate hit. If only they would have built them like the Predacons later. Thankfully this figure did not come with a set of balls.

4. 2009 SDCC Exclusive Figure - Soundwave
The price tag was hefty in 2009 but he sold out pretty quick. Hasbro’s exclusive Soundwave was one of the most sought after toys of the Con. The next day other toy vendors were selling him for double the value. The next day!

3. G1 Masterpiece Starscream

We have a soft place in our heart for Starscream. So imagine our surprise when we discovered there was a Masterpiece Edition figure made of him! Times are tough as it is but now we have to find this perfect, transforming, edition of our favorite Decepticon.

2. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime
This was the first Optimus Prime to come with the Matrix of leadership. He is also the perfect rendition of the character. Here Prime as everything. If only we had the strength to take him out the box.

1. Bumblebee
What? Bumblebee is the number 1 toy? Deal with it. Bumblebee takes our coveted spot for one reason and one reason only. He was the one Transformer we all had. Bumblebee went on a thousand adventures with us and took us places no one else could. Thanks, little guy. If only Michael Bay could get your character half right.


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