AFJ’S 10 Terrifying Monsters & Mummies Toy Commercials

Since it is October, we are in full-blown horror mode here at AFJ. We deiced to pick  10 commercials of Mummy toys to celebrate the dusty fellow that Boris Karloff brought back to life. That became a tad problematic so we ended up going with monster toys in general. Sit back Junkies and check out a full assortment of crazy monster toys and one bonus clip that ties directly to this week’s big releases! #AFJ4Life

Monster Face
Yes, you make it and remake it! What an awesome toy!

Lego Pharaoh's Quest - Scorpion Pyramid
Legos do not actually fly! Which is a shame really.

Big Frank
Yes, you too can be a mad scientist!

G.I. Joe And The Case Of The Mummy's Tomb Action Playset 
Wait, who was Joe racing against? I didn't see a bad guy in there.
Real Ghostbusters Frankenstein & Dracula
Leave to the Ghostbusters to tackle the legends head on!

Stretch Screamers
I have never heard of these. They look awesome!

Burger King Halloween Characters Commercial
I see these from time to time at yard sales and flea markets. Always worth the pickup.
House of the Wolf Man
Now this one is a fan-made commercial, but you have to respect the homage here. It is spot on.
Mad Scientist Monster Lab

I wonder if you found a mint condition one, would the chemicals be toxic now?

A puppet that would scare the hell out of anyone for the first 2 minutes.

Revenge of The Mummy The Ride

Okay, not really a toy, but this is a great ride at Universal Studio in California.

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