There have been a ton of zombie action figures in the past. The Walking Dead series itself has several figures out there, but not nearly enough zombies for a real army. To create a real apocalypse, you are going to need a lot of zombies; so many that you’ll need to make it an army. This week AFJ brings you  “10 Zombies for your Walking Dead Army”. 

10. Zombie Captain America
Zombie Captain America
You know when things have really gone to hell when Captain America is a zombie. Obviously, we would all want Cap to lead the charge to fight them. What could be more demoralizing than having Zombie Captain America lead your undead charge (or shuffle). At the very least is a Cosplayer zombie dressed as Cap. 

9. Earl Phase 1 – Mezco Toy’z Attack of the Living Dead

Earl Phase 1 – Mezco Toyz Attack of the Living DeadMezco Toyz had a line back in 2006 known as Attack of the Living Dead. There were three different figures in the line, but each had a different Phase. Earl takes the cake as he comes with a spinal cord and guts for weapons. Only one of those two items is actually his. Entrails and all, we’ll put Earl (Phase 1) in the zombie army.

7. Tarman Return of the Living Dead

tarmanDefinitely funky and definitely dead, Tarman easily makes it into our undead army. Tarzan though isn’t our only Amok Time Zombie figure to make our list. 

7. Dawn of the Dead Hare Krishna Zombie Action Figure
Dawn of the Dead Hare Krishna Zombie Action Figure

Every army of the dead needs that odd man out. The Hare Krishna Zombie is our reluctant foot soldier. While a reluctant killer, he still carries that deadly bite.

6. Day of the Dead - Bub Deluxe Action Figure
Day of the Dead - Bub Deluxe Action Figure
Despite being number six on our list, Bub would be our field lieutenant. Every zombie army needs some real brains. Who better than Bub? There have been other Bubs produced in the past but this deluxe version by Amok Time is perfect. 

5. Stephen "Flyboy Zombie" Action Figure – From Dawn of the Dead

Stephen "Flyboy Zombie" Action Figure – From Dawn of the DeadStephen aka “Flyboy” is the one zombie on our list with a sad story. He was going to be a dad and just wanted to get out of that mall. When we see those eyes, it makes it all real. This is a great sculpt by NECA Toys of David Emge.

4. Sideshow Collectibles Undying Carcass
Sideshow Collectibles Undying Carcass
The figure itself reeks of the undead. Pores and sores supply plenty of gore; thus making it better to leave the Undying Carcass’ hospital gurney on. Bones protrude in just so subtle of a fashion that it makes this figure move. The gurney itself is dirty, bloodstained, and just repugnant to look at. The zombie army needs more than one of these carcasses, thankfully it comes with two heads.

3. The Zombie Biter – The Walking Dead
The Zombie Biter – The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead’s “Zombie Biter” makes our army since he would be at the forefront of our attacks. One has to love that McFarlane is again in full swing with his horror roots.

2. Night of the Living Dead – The First Zombie

Night of the Living Dead – the First ZombieThere were other zombies before this one. However, this guy here is the zombie we will always remember. He is a bit clunky looking, but EMCE Toys delivers a classic movie monster.

1. Make Your Own Zombie Figure Customization Kit

make your own zombieFinally, there are zombies they way you want them. The good people at EMCE Toys have outdone themselves with this customizable kit. They give you different clothes, heads, arms, and legs and all you supply is the paint (Pictured above is their first release of this kit). Pick up their latest here on Amazon. You’ll be saying “BRAINZA” before you know it.


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