Welcome to the Junkieverse, a spotlight on our community members who know that collecting is more than a hobby, it is a way of life. This week, Jessica Napkin chimes in with "My Piece of the Pie". #AFJ4LFE

Ever since I was a child, I have loved toys and pizza.  Brands and toppings have changed but I am happy to carry over my love for both into Adulthood.  Of course, at my age, pizza is usually cooked at home on Pizza Night and we enjoy it in moderation.  Action figures, on the other hand, are a ‘sumptuous meal’ as Kevin Smith would say.

While reminiscing on a Pizza Night, one night, I realized that some of my recent purchases embody both pizza and action figures—minus the carbs.  The first that comes to mind is my Marvel Legends Infinite Series Pizza Spidey, circa 2015.  This is one of the absolute favorites in my Spidey collection.

Shortly after pulling the trigger on Pizza Spidey, I got the Marvel Legends Vintage Series Spidey into my hands and onto the shelf, though still in its box.  I was a bit thrown off my game before this purchase, though, because for months I had been focused on hunting down the 2015 Pizza Spidey at a price I could afford.  This new Pizza Spidey was suddenly out in the wild—and attainable at retail price.

Then I got to thinking about how action figures and pizzas both originate from boxes and my obsession with keeping figures in their boxes.  I like to counter my in-box figure obsession with a quick removal of pizza slices from their box on that rare occasion when we order out for Pizza Night:  My own Yin and Yang.  Just then I realized I had a figure whose wings were constructed out of pizza boxes!  Before purchasing the TMNT Mike Turflytle, I recalled standing there in the aisle jamming on the radical dudeliness of the figure’s wings and chuckling to myself about how some greasy pizza boxes were being made into a set of wings.

Now I do not have many figures displayed due to a veritable disturbance of the nerd cave Force.  This is a nice way of saying that my Smodcave is a disorganized mess.  However, I had begun to place my pizza-themed figures on a shelf to enjoy and realized they were growing in number.
Jessica NapkinIf we’re talking pizza-shelf favorites, my favorite slice of pizza belongs to 2015 Pizza Spidey, though I am sure all plastic tastes the same.  It looks like the most appealing slice of pie paint-job to me of the figures I own.  Surprised by yet another slice, I realized there was one more pizza-themed figure I knew of in my collection: The Monsters and Mutants Werewolf Mikey (seen above).  Super rad for sure, but still I liked the 2015 Pizza Spidey slice the best.  Those turtles sure know how to enjoy a slice of pie, and for that matter so does Peter Parker.  However, Aunt May’s cherry pie is the figurative nerd cherry-on-top for this Junkie.

Jessica Napkin is an AFJ MOD and collecting nerd who swings through the streets of NYC whenever she can looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow her on Twitter here.

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