This is it,  we are in the final days before the big holiday and you are still scrambling for gifts. As you search and search for either that certain someone or a friend, your options are becoming limited. Fear not, since you found this post (or were sent it), Action Figure Junkies has some mighty suggestions that will help you with your holiday cheer. Ordering online is out, obviously, at this point so you need to hoof it into some stores. Below we have some fine suggestions of what you can get your action figure/ pop culture fan who you think has everything. #AFJ4LIFE

This list was compiled by MJ Ortiz and Robert Trate. 

Star Wars: The Black Series Helmets

Hasbro released both a Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Shocktrooper helmets this year. Now Vader's helmet can easily be found at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, as well as at GameStop. The Shocktrooper helmet is a GameStop exclusive. Both average at $100. With that being said, all the stores mentioned will be having sales and deals. Trust us, these are sitting there and it will go over huge with the recipient. The downside is that you will undoubtedly have at least one-holiday photo with them wearing it.

Star Wars: The Black Series - Target Exclusives

The Gamorrean Guard (top left), Moloch (top right), and Enfys Nest with Swoop Bike are all Target Exclusives. All three of these were ordered in mass quantities by Target and now just sit there in the toy department. The Gamorrean Guard and  Moloch are each priced at $29.99, where Enfys Nest is $59.99. Of three, if you have any doubt of whether they have it or not, go with the Gamorrean Guard. An army of "piggies" is what all collectors want and Jabba the Hutt (the piggy's boss) and had least 4 of these guys populating his throne room. The others are fun, but the Gamorrean Guard is the winner.

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewbacca
We picked up this, on sale, at GameStop, and it is awesome. Perfect for the little one that loves Chewbacca. They are fairly easy to find at Target too, they are priced at $129.99, but Target has all kinds of toy buying incentive deals right now.

Marvel Studios Hulk and Hulkbuster Marvel Legends Two-Pack
Target is ripe with this two-pack from Avengers: Infinity War. Clearly, they over ordered so they are sitting there, now. Many collectors were fighting for these when they debuted. Others stayed away because of the price tag. In all honesty, this is a fantastic two-pack and if they have it already they can now open it and play with the one you got them.

"Troop Build" with Rick Flagg (DC Multiverse) and the Red Skull (Marvel Legends) 

"Troop Build" is term action figure collectors use when they build up their army of figures. In the past year, Mattel's Rick Flagg (DC Multiverse) figure has been sitting everywhere and collecting dust. He comes equipped with plenty of weapons and all in all, it's not a bad figure. You can easily find him in the discount aisle, especially at Five Below, so get at least 3. Then pick up the Red Skull (Marvel Legends) who comes with three additional heads (found at Walmart) and you will be giving your toy collector a project and a good start on an army. Tell them you got a "Kitbash" project for them in the card and they will love you forever.

NECA Originals – Dynamic Action Figure Stand
This is on the lower price point side, however, we feel it would make a great stocking stuffer. Target is currently hosting a NECA toy display (look in Electronics, not the Toy Department). These dynamic stands help figures pose better than we could ever hope. Easy to find and usually on the second tier of the display (from the floor).

NECA - Action Figures

Target has a large display of NECA figures and many would make great gifts. Granted, many of them are for the horror genre fan, but when it comes to the Predator, IT (both incarnations), Gremlins, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elmstreet NECA delivers the awesomeness. The box is also fantastic. Their average price is $29.99.

Funko POP! Vinyl Figures and VHS T-Shirts

At this point, you may not find one of the holiday POP! figures above, but there is still a chance. We highly recommend checking GameStop, Target, and Hot Topic for any POP! on your shopping list. There is a literally a POP! for every property (well almost, but you get the idea). This is a good gift for the co-worker you know very little about. If POP! Vinyl Figures aren't their bag, did you see the Funko T-shirts (at Target) that come in VHS style box? Score!

McFarlane Toys Stranger Things Ghostbusters 4-PAck - GameStop Exclusive
Again, it's back to GameStop for this McFarlane Toys Stranger Things Ghostbusters 4-pack. Originally it was it was $69.99, but it has been seen on sale. The price tag has kept it in the stores but who wouldn't love this 4-pack? It hits all the right nerves: Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and an exclusive action figure set.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Epic Lair Playset

All right, you may not be a fan of the new TMNTs or the design of the figures. The one thing that you or any fan cannot deny is how awesome this playset is. Certainly, it is on the higher end of the spectrum. Yet, if it is for the kid or the adult collector, this playset is perfect to display any of the incarnations of the Turtles you may have. Again, Target has these and they are running all kinds of deals and incentives.  

The Zero Hour Gift - Marvel Unlimited
You waited and waited and now you have nothing. Grab a card and put in the receipt or access code to Marvel Comics' Marvel Unlimited subscription service. This gift enables the giftee to read an insane amount of Marvel Comics on their mobile device. Now there are various versions to the subscription service. You can get one month, 6 months, or pay for the whole year at once. Check out all the plans HERE. The year-long subscription service entitles them to all the goodies above, including an exclusive Punisher/ Venom Marvel Legends figure.

ReadySetz Playsets (The "You Have Time Until You Give it" Present)

Now, we all love displaying our action figures, however, many of us like to take pictures of them as well. We found ReadySetz Playsets online and they look amazing. To be honest, we haven't set one up yet, but this one could be for the seasoned toy collector or for the kids. Either way, someone is going to have a blast with it. Full details HERE.

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