Happy October Junkies! This is the time where a string of movies, from a very short time in history, is celebrated all month long. The Universal Horror Movies left their mark on our culture. These films are, in every sense of the word, classics to the point where, for many, they have become an obsession. That obsession has bled into the world of toys. AFJ has combed the catacombs of the internet and come up with their best toy renditions.

The Bride of Frankenstein

bride of frankenstein
There have been numerous releases of Elsa Lanchester in her iconic role. I have found Diamond Select’s 2011 rendition (by Jean St Jean), of the only lady on our list, to be our choice. There is just something there in that look on this figure. As if she is between that moment of birth and sheer horror.

The Invisible Man

the invisible man

If an Invisible Man can rule the world then Sideshow Collectibles must rule the toy part of it. This rendition of Griffin wrapped in bandages is breathtaking. Sideshow did a cheaper version once, but the accessories and details make this Invisible Man our must have.

The Wolf Man

the wolf man
Lawrence Talbot never really had a chance did he? Nor do most of his figures. If we had to pick the best Wolfman (notice the spelling difference) we would pick the Mezco Toyz version a la Benicio Del Toro. The Sideshow Collectible’s 12 inch Wolf Man will have to do.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Did you know that The Creature from the Black Lagoon was originally presented in 3D? If you ever have the chance, see this black and white classic. Was the original creature really green? We know he is in The Monster Squad, but how about back in 1954? We’ll take the Universal Studios Monsters The Creature from the Black Lagoon Silver Screen Edition, by Sideshow.

The Mummy

The Mummy
This love lorn priest gets caught for attempting to perform the unholy task of raising the Pharaoh’s wife from the dead. His punishment: mummification in the worst way as his soul and body are not prepared. He is discovered many years later and unleashed upon the modern world. Ardeth Bey does not stay wrapped up in the mummy garb. No, he moistens up and takes on the guise of a modern man. Sideshow Collectibles has the must have Mummy; here, in the form of  Ardeth Bey.


It was easier to find figures with Christopher Lee as the Prince of Darkness. That was until the Sideshow Dracula Premium Format 1:4 scale figure was unearthed. This blood-curdling rendition of Lugosi is a must have for collectors. Beware, it comes with a monster of a price tag.

Frankenstein’s Monster

frankenstein's monster
“It’s alive” or it almost is. The Sideshow Collectible Frankenstein Premium Format figure only had 1,100 made. This makes him as rare as finding a Doctor Frankenstein figure. Out of the entire list, this is the must have Universal Horror Figure.

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