All right Junkies. We have been back from New York Comic Con (NYCC) a few days and we've decided on what items we saw at the Con that we have to have. Now some of these items, we are simply seeing for the first time. Other items are exclusives at the Con. Some, are even available for pre-order now. Fear not, as we have supplied you with those links here. At least one (hint: its green in color) is arriving in stores (GameStop) now! #AFJ4LIFE

Mezco Toyz - Wolverine 5: Ronin - One:12 Collective (NYCC Exclusive)
Release date: Pre-orders Sold Out, Con Exclusive Sold Out
Price: $85.00
Why? Damn, thankfully, AFJ pre-ordered one of these Wolverine 5: Ronin NYCC exclusives. We had a shot at one on the first day of the Con, but since we did the pre-order we figured we had better give someone else a chance. With that being said, we have to have ours now. Again, Mezco nails the character with its release.

Pop Culture Shock - Transformers: Decepticons
Release date: TBD
Price: TBD
Why? In a word, "wow". Now Pop Culture Shock (PCS) already has an Optimus Prime (seen HERE) up for pre-order, however, none of the Decepticon jets are available yet on Sideshow Collectibles. The paint applications here are beyond stunning and literally have brought Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker off the small screen and to the real world. The release date and price are to TBD, however, Optimus Prime stands at 10 1/2” tall and is $159.99. They are easily twice the size of that so expect the jets to be somewhere between $300-$500.

Funko - DC Primal Age - Batcave (Amazon Exclusive)
Release date: November 15th, 2018
Price: $69.99
Why? To be honest, we aren't huge fans of the DC Primal Age, however, this rendition of the Batcave, in the style of Castle Grayskull is flipping fantastic. We are also super thrilled that Funko went to the lengths to actually make a playset/ headquarters! No toy companies really do that anymore. Why Funko cut an exclusive deal with Amazon is beyond us for the line, but hey, toy stores are quickly disappearing and toy departments are becoming a joke. Order yours HERE.

Sideshow Collectibles- Hot Toys - Captain America (Marvel Studios/ Concept) Sixth Scale Figure
Release date:
 Shipping Oct. 2018 - Dec. 2018
Price: $251
Why? When we first saw it, we were really hoping this was Cap's outfit for the Infinity War follow up film. It is just a Sixth Scale rendition of a Marvel Studios concept drawing but it is incredible nonetheless. Plus, Cap comes with two shields! Pre-order him HERE. We did.
Diamond Select Toys - DC Comics Gallery - Green Lantern - PVC Statue - GameStop Exclusive
Release date:
October 2018
Price: $50.00
Why? When we saw this Hal Jordan Green Lantern by Diamond Select Toys, we are super excited and then incredibly sad. Seeing something this cool usually makes your wallet bleed. We then saw the price tag, $50.00 (insert the dance of joy)! We spoke with Diamond Select Toys and they said these should be hitting GameStop now. This is a fantastic PVC Statue of our favorite Lantern!  
Diamond Select Toys - Kingdom Hearts 2 Select Series 3 Figure Asst
Release date:
December 2018
Price: $64.99
Why? We are huge fans of the original Tron here at AFJ. Certainly, we loved that they were done by Funko in POP! form, but we want action figures and not the dirty old ones we have to sell our eyeteeth for at a toy show. Now we are not big fans of Kingdom Hearts but to have Tron and Sark finally join the collection is a dream come true! Pre-order this assortment HERE.

FOCO - Batman: Knightfall Bobblehead (NYCC Exclusive)
Release date: Con Exclusive
Price: Secondary Market
Why? FOCO is new to the superhero and movie collectible market. They have dealt primarily with sports properties. We got a full look at their booth (see some choice pics HERE) and spoke with their Regional Sales Manager. We were thoroughly impressed and relieved that they "get it". They understand that character and story is what matters and that is why we are loving their bobblehead of "Batman Knightfall". In case you are wondering, the bobble happens on Batman's back! Check out the FOCO site HERE and look for an upcoming review for three of their releases on AFJ.

Chronicle Collectibles - Hellboy "Right Hand of Doom"
Release date: TBD
Price: TBD
Why? With the new Hellboy film slated for April, the world is about to be inundated with Hellboy products again. This one, by Chronicle Collectibles, "The Right Hand of Doom", would make a fantastic centerpiece to any collection. We saw that it was TBD, however, we when visited the Chronicle website we found no listing for it. To Be Determined is right. We'll keep our eyes open for this one.

Mezco Toyz - Doctor Strange - One:12 Collective (NYCC Exclusive)
Release date: Pre-orders Sold Out, Con Exclusive Sold Out
Price: $85.00
Why: This One:12 was revealed on Mezco's Twitch and after we saw it we really didn't think much about it. Yes, there is another Doctor Strange One:12 release, yet upon seeing this one in person, we went a little crazy. Of course, after we saw it (via the booth display) it was sold out. We skipped the pre-order so we are basically stuck looking to the secondary market. Why the change of heart? Seeing is believing and this Doctor Strange had that crazy funky vibe that made the character so unique when he debuted. Yes, this is the one we have to have, now.

Funko - DC Primal Age - Mister Freeze (NYCC Exclusive)
Release date:
Out Now
Price: eBay price $29.99 (on average)
Why? To quote Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, "We needs it". What is it about an exclusive, those rare items, that drive us to obtain them? Perhaps it is because you had to buy something from the Funko booth to get one; that line was insane. Win one in a DC raffle; that didn't happen. Maybe it is because Mr. Freeze is our favorite Batman villain, so now we have to have one. Regardless of the reason, this warrior Freeze is one part He-Man, one Crystar, and all fun. Damn you, Funko!
Hasbro - Star Wars: The Black Series Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi - Walgreens Exclusive
Release date: Spring 2019
Price: $19.99 (MSRP)
Why? We love Star Wars and The Black Series line. However, what we are dreading is that this is a Walgreens exclusive. Why that is, as Hasbro released a new retro Obi-Wan figure with The Last Jedi (in the 3.75 line), is beyond us. Here is a fantastic rendition of a Jedi, in Clone Trooper armor, and he gets slated for the hardest most difficult and uncooperative exclusive retailer that there is. Thanks, Hasbro. At least I can get through the holidays without being disappointed in trying to find one.

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