Some of Funko’s most popular Pop! Vinyl figures are not Star Wars, DC or Marvel characters, but rather something that all collectors can enjoy: advertising icons.  There have been a few produced already and they are all in high demand with secondary market values continuously climbing.  These are typically exclusive to a single store and are a limited production run and include such favorites as Count Chocula, Bullseye the Target dog, Lucky (Lucky Charms), Tony the Tiger and most recently, Toys R Us’ beloved Geoffrey the Giraffe.  I have most of these in my personal collection, though I missed Tony the Tiger and sold my original monster cereal set, but I feel like some additions to the Ad Icons line would do very well. Here are 10 I would like to see next...
Froot Loops CerealPlanters Honey Nut Cheerios M&M's Kool-Aid K_mart Cheetos Keebler Elf Rice Krispies Cereal Green Giant
Jason Nelson is an AFJ Administrator, an avid collector of Pop! Vinyl figures wears an Infinity Gauntlet to bed and is an all-around great guy. Full disclosure, he wears the Infinity Gauntlet everywhere. 

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