AFJ’s Top 10 Action Figures Under $100 – 2018

Welcome to AFJ's "Top 10 Action Figures Under $100" for 2018. Each year we look back at what industry had to offer us. It was a tough year as Toys R Us closed its doors in June and we were suddenly without our beloved Geoffrey. We preserved and discovered new venues to toy hunt at, GameStop being our new favorite.  Below you will find our Top 10 figures under $100. Yes, there is a $100 list (HERE). Many of these figures came and went so quickly, that if we were to adjust the list for the secondary market, many would be on the $100 list. We want your picks and criticisms in the comment section below! #AFJ4LIFE

The list was compiled by MJ Ortiz, Rick Alaia, Jason Nelson, and Robert Trate.

Venom Collector Edition Action Figure - Marvel Select - Disney Store Exclusive - ORDER HERE
Price: $24.95

There were several new Venom action figures this year. The white boxed Marvel Legends certainly were a cut above what has come before. We decided to go with this late fourth-quarter release from Disney, the Marvel Select Venom. The size is perfect, the accessories are sick, and the multitude of heads allow us to change Venom's mood. Jean St. Jean (who sculpted and painted it) nailed this for Marvel, Disney, and Diamond Select Toys!

Halloween 2018 Ultimate Michael Myers 7-Inch Scale Action Figure - NECA - ORDER HERE
Price: $26.99

He arrived after the Halloween movie debuted, however, we aren't going to hold that against NECA or Michael Myers. We see this as the definitive likeness of the character and his accessories, those simple, will be with us for Halloween's to come.

Marvel Legends Hydra Soldier 2-Pack 6-inch Action Figures - Toys R Us Exclusive - ORDER HERE
Price: $39.99

When we saw this two-pack at Toy Fair (February 2018) we knew it was going to be a stellar release. With the demise of Toys R Us, this exclusive suddenly seemed so out of reach. We were fortunate to find one, there, before they closed. Add points for it being our last TRU exclusive purchase to the mix, phenomenal accessories, four different heads and it was the best two-pack Marvel Legend of the year. Need more convincing? Check out AFJ's video review HERE.

Mezco Toyz ONE:12 COLLECTIVE The Joker: Deluxe Edition
Price: $90.00

Without a doubt, Mezco Toyz was one of the best hot topic toys of 2018. They came out strong at Toy Fair 2018 and delivered the goods time and time again. What put this particular Joker over the end for us? Well, it was one tiny accessory (all were fantastic), his Batman socks. Watch the AFJ Crew gush over "The Deluxe Joker" HERE.

Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Swoop Bike Vehicle with Enfys Nest Action Figure - ORDER HERE
Price: $59.99
Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have done the business of The Last Jedi or even Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but damn if Hasbro didn't bring to action figure life, Enfys Nest and her Swoop Bike. This bike is a marvel of intricate metal plating, tubes, and poles. The stand, though not original in concept, is also extremely welcomed. Enfys Nest, herself, is complete with cloth cape and fuzzy cloak. Hasbro is killing it with The Black Series, which may end up being the true death of Star Wars 3.75" figure line. 

Mego - Star Trek - Gorn - Target Exclusive
Price: $12.99
Nope. No, we still cannot believe it that Mego mounted a comeback and had us in Target searching out something that wasn't Marvel or Star Wars. Now the Gorn, who was super hot for all of ten minutes when we arrived, is now getting slightly easier to find. We still placed him in our Top 10 as he was such a surprise. The head sculpt is amazing and the costume is simplistic and perfect. AFJ's did a full review on Instagram of him HERE.

Super7 Masters of the Universe - Laughing Prince Adam - SDCC 2018 Exclusive
Price: $35.00

All right, so this one is sort of ridiculous, but we love what Super7 did for the YouTube/ Meme sensation that Prince Adam has become. Super7 took it even one step further, for this SDCC exclusive, they opened the figure up to pre-orders instead of making it a Comic-Con exclusive. Certainly, you had to wait for yours, but it was well worth the smiles when you got him.

Funko Halloween POP! - Walgreens Exclusives 
AFJ certainly had their time looking for these 4 Halloween themed POP! vinyl figures from Funko and Walgreens. Why? They were literally nowhere to be found. Now, we were fortunate enough to have an inside man send us two of the Invisible Mans, but we never saw his variant, the Devil, Frankenstein, or Jason Voorhees. We are certain that in the next year of Con hunting, we will see them. It will forever be a sore spot, October 2018. They are pretty cool though.Iron Man One:12 Collective Action Figure - Mezco Toyz - ORDER HEREWe saw this rendition of Iron Man at Toy Fair (seen HERE) and marveled at how this One:12 was not covered in cloth but plastic! His accessories are great, the chest beam is epic, and his look is that of the '70s and '80s hits us directly in our nostalgia zone. Wait, we almost forgot he lights up. Mezco, please stop, you are killing our bank accounts.Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Gotenks S.H. Figuarts Action Figure - ORDER HERE

It's always a must, in an action figure Top 10 list, to have something from S.H. Figuarts. This year we chose the Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Gotenks. The details are animation perfection and the articulation makes us wish that all figures were this perfect. Good luck finding one, Junkies. He didn't make our list for being easy to find either.

****Honorable Mention****

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Muckman - Playmates
Price: $11.99
Wait, what? Yes, a figure from 2017 made our list because suddenly, this rare $150 to $200 figure starting appear discount chains such as Ross and Kohls. He literally made us address our entire community and re-examine our rules for certain toys. Muckman, we salute you for rocking the first quarter of 2018. You brought some much-needed smiles to the office. Need to understand the 2018 phenomenon of Muckman better? Watch AFJ's video about him HERE.
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