Comic-Con 2018 has come and gone and in its wake are a lot of toys that, for some will not be here until 2019. AFJ decided to give you our own top 10 reveals of new toys that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

MJ Ortiz, AFJ’s “Keymaster”, and Robert Trate, the "Jedi Junkie", picked these items. So in honor of Jarrett Kruse's classic Top 10 with Bonus Pick articles, we added a few extras choices! The following are in no particular order #AFJ4LIFE

Star Wars Black Series Archive Collection - Hasbro

The Scalpers must be killing themselves. Why? Well Boba Fett, Bossk, and IG-88 have been out of circulation for a while, thus they now have a hefty price tag. Certainly, die-hard collectors will want the originals, but for the regular fan, completing Bounty Hunter's row from The Empire Strikes Back, just got a lot easier.

DC Multiverse - Lobo - Mattel
Could this actually be a decent Lobo in scale with the other action figures of the Multiverse line? All we have is this image, but our interest in the DC Multiverse may have just gotten renewed.
UPDATE: We were told via our closed Facebook Group by H Eric Mayse "DCM Lobo - Yes, he’s in scale with the rest of the DC Multiverse". 

Marvel Legends Vehicles Wave 1 -Professor X & Hover Chair - Hasbro - 2019
Well, it certainly looks like the FOX and Disney merger is going to happen with all the X-Men figures slated for 2019 (seen HERE). A modern Professor X is long overdue, this one (above) will be a part of the vehicle series, as it should be.

Marvel Legends - Hercules - Hasbro - 2019

Another Marvel character who has been long overdue for a modern rendition. Sadly, we'll have to wait until 2019 for Hercules. Then again, that is just a little over 5 months away.

Batman: The Animated Series - Gray Ghost - DC Collectibles - 2019 - (Pre-Order NOW)

DC Collectibles is really giving the true fans of Batman: The Animated Series what they want with this new rendition of the Gray Ghost. Check out all he comes with, in the link above. A long time have we waited for this one. 

Marvel Legends - The Kingpin - Build-A-Figure - Hasbro - 2019
He will be a Build-A-Figure, so you have three options. A: Buy all the figures and build him. B: Buy him already built. C: Wait until Hasbro releases him as a stand-alone figure, which they seem to be doing a lot lately. This Wilson Fisk is impressive though, so why wait?

DC Multiverse - Batman Beyond - Mattel
This Multiverse Batman Beyond looks a lot like the 3.75" version, which we are fine with because we love that figure. It will just be nice to have him in the 6-inch line. Now, question, will there be wings and a Terry McGuinness head?
UPDATE: We were told via our closed Facebook Group by H Eric Mayse "We used the Dark Knight Batman (MotU Classics) body as a base starting point". 

Star Wars Black Series - Star Wars Rebels - Ezra Bridger and Chopper - Hasbro

Thank you, Hasbro. Now, all we need is a Zeb Orrelios to complete our Star Wars Rebels collection. Again, Zeb Orrelios. One more time, Zeb Orrelios. BTW, no exclusive on Zeb Orrelios, just a regular release, please.

Collectors Choice: Snake Mountain - Super7

When MattyCollector sold the rights to Super7 we knew this would be coming. Super7 understands the old-school collector and makes the toys we REALLY want. Now we will have a home base for all our baddies. Snake Mountain looks fantastic. 

Marvel Legends - Archangel - Build-A-Figure - Apocalypse (Pre-Order NOW)

Yes, we already order this one (linked above). Here is another X-Men who is long overdue as a modern Marvel Legend. We are also thrilled that the claw Build-A-Figure conspiracy died a quick death. We saw it on Wednesday and wanted to know where the hell it came from. Now we know, it comes with Archangel.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) 1/4 SCALE Foot Clan Soldier - NECA
Our biggest concern now is, where are we going to put an army of 18-inch TMNT Foot Clan Soldiers? We only have so much space. We know we are going to at least have four, one to fight each Turtle. NECA delivered, again.

Marvel Legends - Gambit - Hasbro - 2019
Repeat what we said about the X-Men and modern Marvel Legends and plug it in here for Gambit. This one is a head-scratcher as to why it took so long, outside of, the whole Disney not allowing X-Men figures to get made. Say it with me now Junkies: MERGER! MERGER!

Batman: The Animated Series - Two-Face - DC Collectibles - 2019 (Pre-Order Now)Again, DC Collectibles is our go-to for the perfect animated action figure. Two-Face here, like all the villains in BTAS line, is the living embodiment of his cartoon counterpart.

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