If you can believe it, we are now in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We here at AFJ couldn’t be more thrilled that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Dr. Stephen Strange. As we were scrambling to collect the BAF Dormannu line, we realized there really has been a strange collection of Doctor Strange figures. Though not as easily available as Spider-Man or Captain America, the Doctor has appeared from time to time. Below is our collection, both old and new, of the Top 10 Doctor Strange Action Figures. Enjoy!

10. Hot Toys Doctor Strange 1 Sixth Scale Hot Toys Doctor Strange 1 Sixth ScaleAll right let’s get the most obvious and most expensive one out the way. Is there any beating the likeness that Hot Toys creates of our favorite characters? That was really more of a rhetorical question. The Cumberbatch Strange is 12.2 inches (31 cm) tall, features over 30 points of articulation, not to mention more accessories than any other figure on our list. If you got the moolah, this the obvious choice.

9. Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Doctor Strange Funko’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Doctor StrangeWe do think the Funko Pop! Vinyl figure needs some revitalizing. What may help is allowing the sculptors to create different and unique poses. This is why the 2016 Comic Con exclusive Doctor Strange makes our list. He’s perfect to protect our office from the dark arts.

8. Spider-Man Toy Biz Spider-Wars Dr. Strange Spider-Man Toy Biz Spider-Wars Dr. Strange

This relic from 1996 is the oldest Doctor Strange figure on our list. So why this particular figure? The cape, plain and simple. The figure's cape gives Doctor Strange the illusion of being able to levitate. There is not one other Strange figure on this list that has that feature.

7. Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Action Figure Marvel Select Doctor Strange Movie Action Figure

The first Diamond Select Strange figure to hit our list is their upcoming movie rendition. He stands at 7 inches tall, features 16 points of articulation, multiple interchangeable hands, and comes with a diorama-style base based on Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. For the occasional collector or new one, this will be your Strange. NOTE: Yes, we chose this one over the Marvel Legends Cumberbatch Strange. 6. Marvel Legends: Dr. Strange (2005) Marvel Legends: Dr. Strange (2005)

This Doctor Strange, from the Galactus Series (aka Series 9), had mad points of articulation, however, that isn’t why it makes our list. It was the fact that Toy Biz made the figure in the likeness of Steve Dikto’s rendition of the character. It’s comic book gold in action figure form.

5. Marvel Legends: Doctor Strange (2016) Marvel Legends: Doctor Strange (2016)Hasbro's most recent release, which doesn’t look like Benedict Cumberbatch, is a must have for collectors. This comic book likeness is spot on and complete with a piece of Dormammu. We here at AFJ loved this figure when Hasbro unveiled it back at Toy Fair 2016.

4. MARVEL UNIVERSE Doctor Strange (2011) MARVEL UNIVERSE Doctor StrangeMARVEL UNIVERSE Doctor StrangeIn 2011, Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line was populating the toy shelves with everyone and anyone. These particular Doctor Stranges are in a two-way tie for this spot. Yes, the figures are of the exact same mold, but completely fitting for the Sorcerer Supreme! 


MARVEL’S DR. STRANGE — BOOK OF VISHANTI MARVEL LEGENDSThe 2015 Comic Con exclusive may not feature the traditional Doctor Strange, here he is in his Astral Form, but its presentation and extra figures is why it makes our list. Who better to describe it than Hasbro: “Unlock the powers of Marvel Comics’ mystics with MARVEL’S DR. STRANGE — BOOK OF VISHANTI MARVEL LEGENDS pack! The set includes five special edition MARVEL LEGENDS 6-inch figures – DR. STRANGE (ASTRAL FORM), BROTHER VOODOO, HELA, MAGIK and DORMAMMU, the greatest adversary of DR. STRANGE. This special edition package is designed to look like the tome that is the source of DR. STRANGE’S otherworldly powers and includes a wearable role-play EYE OF AGAMOTO, just like DR. STRANGE wears!”

2. Marvel Legends Doctor Strange (2015) Marvel Legends Doctor Strange (2015)The Hulkbuster wave for the Avengers Marvel Legends had an updated Doctor Strange, sans the classic cape. This modern version of Strange is more realistic and, quite frankly, looks like he could kick anyone ass.

1. Diamond Select Toys: Marvel Select Doctor Strange Diamond Select Toys: Marvel Select Doctor StrangeDiamond Select Toys put out this exquisite likeness of Doctor Strange with pieces of his Sanctum Sanctorum as accessories. We love to display our figures, but when they display is part of the figure, the deal is even sweeter. What places this Strange on the top of our list is the variant head it comes with. Again Jean St. Jean nails it. Order this figure from the Disney Store here.


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