The quest is on Junkies! Officially or unofficially April 13th is #ForceFriday. The day when Hasbro officially releases new Star Wars products via the countless outlets that sell toys. For many of us, this will be the last time we hit a Toys R Us for Force Friday. For others, we will be seeking out a new place to buy our toys. FYI, GameStop told AFJ (while toy hunting) they were going to have new Star Wars figures on the 13th!

As you may have noticed, there are not as many Solo: A Star Wars Story figures and toys as there are for a Skywalker Saga release (The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi). With that being said I have 10 that are on my top picks. Happy hunting Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

Rebels Soldier (Hoth) - The Vintage Series
No Junkie can deny the awesomeness of the vintage series and their old school cards. Plus this is a figure from the best Star Wars movie ever (yeah, I said it).
Hoth Trooper - The Vintage SeriesLando Calrissian with Kessel Guard (Two-Pack 3.75")
Donald Glover looks fantastic in the role and why not troop build early by picking up both Lando and the Kessel Guard in this two-pack.

e1252_SW_PR_LANDO-&-GUARDChewbacca - The Black Series (Target Exclusive)
Admit, this Chewy looks great. We put him on the list for that reason as well as the fact that Target always over orders, making him easy to find. Hey, we can't get everything on our list and Chewy is probably going to be readily available.

Mimban Stormtrooper - The Black Series (Walmart Exclusive)
Again, we hope that Walmart over orders on their exclusives (see Black "Pink" Panther and Thanos). This trooper, complete with cape, is a must-have for the collection!
E2490AS00_SW_PR_STORMTROOPER4-LOM - The Black Series
So close now to having all the Bounty Hunters from The Empire Strikes Back... we can almost taste it!
4-LOM - The Black SeriesCommander Wolfe - The Black Series
(Available any GameStop, Barnes and Noble, and the Disney Store)
Knowing full well that Commander Wolfe survives Order 66 has made him even more essential. This is also the leader of the Wolf Pack, he has to go into the collection!

Lando Calrissian - The Black Series
Being that the new film is called Solo: A Star Wars Story one would think that a Han Solo figure would be on this list. Nope, the reason being Han is going to be everywhere (official peg warmer) and Lando is going to be the one figure that everyone is going to grab first!
Donald Glover, Lando CalrissianDewback with Sandtrooper - The Black Series
Black Series vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent, however a Black Series creature? Oh Yoda, this is a first and one that makes this old-school fan go crazy!
Dewback with Sandtrooper - The Black SeriesGrand Moff Tarkin - The Black Series
Finally! Why did it finally take a Star Wars stand-alone film, Rogue One, to get Tarkin made? Hell, it took over 20 years for the character to get a 3.75" figure made. As a fan of the character and the actor, Peter Cushing, this one is long overdue.
Grand Moff TarkinDarth Vader - Electronic Helmet - The Black Series
I finally got my first Black Series helmet, the Stormtrooper (white). I love it. The kid in me, who ran around the neighborhood with a Star Wars blaster, comes back every time the helmet comes off the shelf. Now, this one I need because my original Don Post helmet is ready for retirement.
Darth Vader Darth Vader - Electronic Helmet - The Black Series

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