Pop Vinyl is one of those things that have become a juggernaut of the toy world. It is difficult to think of a popular series, be it TV or Film, which Funko has not turned into a Pop (Really Golden Girls pops?). While there are not as many video game pops, what games Funko does cover, they have the big names of the games.

Today, I wanted to talk about the coolest gaming pops, in my opinion. And while there are several Pops I like from a single gaming franchise, I have limited the list to one per franchise (mostly because Borderlands and Overwatch may have filled the list on their own). Here is my list of the Top Ten Gaming Pops.

10.  Jim Raynor – StarCraft
Jim Raynor – StarCraft

StarCraft is one of those games where I wish I could play it, but I do not have the patience for (Real Time Strategy games require too much work for me). However, it is undeniable that this figure is awesome, for a character that has a novella worth of backstory on the StarCraft Wiki. It gets the details right, even in the Funko Pop style:  the skull over the helmet and the snake symbol on the right shoulder, which any StarCraft fan could appreciate.

9. Sora – Kingdom Hearts
Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a series I will always defend even through its most recent stupidity. The first game was monumental in the way it brought all of the Disney franchises together in a new and fun way. The second game (while it became inflated and did not make a whole lot of sense) expanded on the fun gameplay from the first installment. And, sure, the most recent games, which have served mostly to fill the holes in the two main games, may seem like filler while we wait for Kingdom Hearts 3, they don’t take away from the overall greatness of the series. Nevertheless, this figure is exactly what any fan is looking for because it captures the iconic look of the series protagonist, Sora, Key Blade, hair, and all.

8. Cayde-6 - Destiny
8. Cayde-6 - Destiny

Destiny (Bungie’s follow up to the Halo Series) is full of interesting characters and worlds to admire. Though the first game was short, before DLC, it was still a lot of fun, and that was in part because of the characters around you. One of them is Cadye-6, voiced by our favorite Brown Coat and Thriller novelist, Nathan Fillion. Fillion brings the Exo, (the robot race in destiny) to life with snark and that comes across in his figure, which nails the Exo details. The figure is posed in a way that makes me think he is saying, “This is great. Anyone want a hug? Hugs? No? No hugs."

7. The Neighbor – Hello Neighbor
The Neighbor – Hello Neighbor

I would not blame you if you have not heard of this game and its signature character. Mostly because the game is not fully out yet. The game has gained a cult following on YouTube in its multiple alpha and beta releases because of its crazy mechanics and mysterious storyline. The point of the game is to break into your neighbor’s house and solve puzzles to figure out what your neighbor is hiding basement.  Did I mention that a lot of the recent versions have signs written in Russian and the most recent boss is a giant version of the Neighbor with a house on his back? It is a weird game. However, the fact that it has its own figure is a testament to its popularity. And the figure captures the Neighbor with surprising detail, even featuring his pet crow. Even with the oversized head of the Funko Pop style, it is incredibly close to the actual character’s design.

6. Nick Valentine – Fallout 4
Nick Valentine – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was one of the first games I got for my PS4 when I got it. And it was one of the best decision I made if only to run around in the wasteland listening to the classical music station (nothing beats killing a death claw to the sound of Flight of the Valkyries). Arguably, one of the best things about this game is private detective Synth, Nick Valentine. From his sense of humor to Noir sense of style Valentine stands out in Fallout 4 for his depth and badassness. The figure really shows off Valentine’s style and his life as a Synth (Synthetic life forms created to replace humans) down to the exposed robot hand, grey and scarred skin and yellow eyes.

5.  Cuphead  - Cuphead
Cuphead  - Cuphead

Cuphead is a break out star this year. And for good reason: the game boasts some of the hardest gameplay (I’ve spent hours trying to beat one level, resisting the urge to break things) and some of the coolest animation. The rubber hose style of animation, made popular by Walt Disney at the start of his career, is evident in the game and even in this figure (look at the arms and legs). Just like the game this figure is just cool. What I look forward to seeing in this figure is what the inside of the cup looks like. Sadly, This figure is not available until March 1st, 2018.

4. Scorpion (With Flaming Skull) – Mortal Combat X
Scorpion (With Flaming Skull) – Mortal Combat X

To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of the Mortal Combat series (mostly because I am really bad at fighting games), but this figure is just plain amazing. It is a really a version of the scorpion figure that highlights the games gritty and brutal atheistic in the best way possible. I mean, what is better than a flaming skull that resembles the depths of the burning hells. And not to be cheesy, but if the figure could speak I think it would say something like, “Get over here!...And buy me.”

3. Big Daddy – BioShock
Big Daddy – BioShock

Nothing is more synonymous with BioShock than the Big Daddy. This hulking guardian of the Little Sisters is one of the scariest things in the game, and this is a game with broken 50s music and junkies with weapons that generally want to kill you at all times. Hard to kill, this giant of the game is a giant represented in its super-sized pop. Seeing it as a Pop, especially as a Super-sized one, is really exciting. While this figure is extraordinary, the only thing that could make it better is to see the yellow eyes be red, like it does when it attacks.

2. Tiny Tina – Borderlands 2

Borderlands is a franchise that thrives on fantastic visuals, exciting music, and fun first-person shooter gameplay. The series has many great characters, but Tiny Tina takes the crumpet. This crazy genius is an explosives expert in who really likes to things up, especially bandits. She helps you blow up a train after you help her set up a tea party where she murders the bandit that killed her parents. She is crazy but so lovable. The Pop version of her accomplishes this balance by giving her the bandit mask she wears (probably a victim of bombs) but also gives her the bunny stuffed animal you see in her home in the game (which may actually be a bomb). If I still do not have you convinced, check out this video.

1. Reinhardt – Overwatch
Reinhardt – Overwatch

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