Hello Junkies! What makes one particular toy warrant a place on our Top 10 Hottest? You! We monitor the AFJ closed Facebook and take note of what gets you talking and posting. We thought the likes of Hasbro's Comic-Con exclusives would be red hot in August, but after their sale on the Hasbro Toy Shop (twice), the Junkies seem content. So you won't see any of them on this list. Below, if possible, we have supplied links to purchase some of these (at the very least Pre-Order them) hot toys. In the case of the highly coveted NECA’s TMNT (1990) GameStop figures, we have no idea how long those are going to last. #AFJ4LIFE

The following items are in no particular order.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - NECA - GameStop Exclusive
They're back! We told you there would be more! These figures were one of our big news features here on AFJ. We have covered the shell out of the exclusive box set as well as controversy and backlash that followed. In short, this is one that EVERYONE wanted and those that did not get it are very upset. Well, for those of you that waited, it paid off. For those that overpaid, those are the breaks. See our full review of the set HERE on our YouTube page. Order them (now individually) from GameStop HERE.

Star Wars Droid 3 Pack Action Figure - Hasbro - Amazon Exclusive
If you are into that sort of thing... you know, a thing you should be able to buy from the world's largest retailer but is basically a mirage, then you know about these droids. the set is up and then down again so quickly it might as well be Obi-Wan appearing over a snow dune. Who would have thought a three-pack of droids would be so difficult to acquire. Try ordering them HERE on Amazon.

One:12 Collective Justice League Aquaman - Mezco Toyz

The Pre-Order for the One:12 Collective Justice League Aquaman was over a year ago. He just arrived in the hands of the collectors and is, again, a top-notch release from Mezco. It will be interesting to see where this figure settles in price after the release of the Aquaman film come December. It could go up, or it could just settle at its initial asking price. The one thing about One:12 releases, they retain their value.

The Thing - Marvel Legends - Hasbro - Walgreens Exclusive
The Thing has officially knocked the Silver Surfer out August Hottest Toys. Why? The Silver Surfer, who at the beginning of the month was super rare is now landing everywhere. Ben Grimm on the other hand? Extremely rare. We've seen a few in the Facebook group already but in the wild? Nope.

S.H.Figuarts DBZ Goku (A Saiyan Raised On Earth)
Again, S.H.Figuarts is delivering the style, articulation, and type of figure we want. The DBZ "Super Figure" Goku (A Saiyan Raised On Earth) is quickly becoming the "it" figure among S.H. collectors. Get one now one Junkies as an investment or to trade off for those that cannot acquire one. Trust us. Order one HERE.

The Invisible Man POP! - Funko - Walgreens Exclusive
In case you missed it, AFJ has been on the hunt for these recently (seen HERE). We got an insider tip from one of our members, on the closed Facebook Page, that they should be everywhere very soon! Ryan, we are holding you to that. Why this POP! and not one of the others that Walgreens has Exclusives of right now? Halloween is just around the corner and we love our Universal Monsters.

Deadpool Wave 2 - Marvel Legends - Hasbro

Yes, we are going with a whole wave of Marvel Legends for this spot. Why?  The figures are fun, cool, and come with the incredible Build-A-Figure: Sauron. Rarely does a whole wave become this epic, there is usually one peg warmer in there, but that cannot be said about the second Deadpool wave. Order the whole wave HERE.

Venom Wave - Marvel Legends - Hasbro

Another Marvel Legends wave? Hell yes. However, unlike the previously mentioned one, this wave has a few interesting twists. Both Scream (the yellow symbiote) and Typhoid Mary (the one with the flaming sword) appear to be short packed. Spider-Ham is short on figure but huge on BAF pieces. Poison (white symbiote) is quickly becoming the peg warmer. So why the whole set then? Spider-Ham is long overdue and he comes with his nemesis' head, Pork Grind, so you, if you can build the monster Venom, can build a giant-sized Pork Grind as well. So in purchasing six figures you actually can have 8 different ones! That's just a win all around. Order the full wave HERE.

Pennywise (2017) - NECA - GameStop Exclusive
It's funny how after you acquire a certain toy or figure it really does go out of your mind. While compiling this list we were reminded of the North American exclusive "I ❤️Derry" GameStop Exclusive. It's all about the box this time, Junkies (well the balloon too). The regular version is fantastic, but we are often in-box display collectors than not.

Twinkie The Kid Pop! AD Icons (Glow in the Dark) - Funko - Target Exclusive
"That's a big Twinkie". Hey, we couldn't resist the chance to drop a Ghostbusters line in here. We got the word from our Pop! Guru, Jason Nelson, that the Target Exclusive Glow in the Dark Twinkie the Kid is practically unobtainable. Why? You cannot deny the Pop! craze, as much as we would like, it is a force to be reckoned with and its fans are just a rabid as those that collect Star Wars or Marvel Legends. Best of luck Pop! Junkes!

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