Hello Junkies! As you may or may not know, each month we bring you "AFJ’s Top 10 Hottest Toys". How do we determine the hottest toys on the month? Well, we monitor the AFJ closed Facebook Group and take note of what gets you talking and posting, for one. We also see what gets people crazy on our Instagram page. July has the San Diego Comic-Con right in the middle of it. We have to take that into consideration as well as all the announcements that arrive. Certainly, it cannot be ignored nor its impact on the rest of the year. Now, this list is not just one Junkie's choice, as our own MJ Ortiz, "The Key Master", Robert Trate, "The Jedi Junkie", and special guest Toy Shiz all kick in their two cents on this list. Enjoy! #AFJ4LIFE

The following items are in no particular order.
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Instagram photos from Toy Shiz.

WWE Macho Man Randy Savage Elite Collection Action Figure - Convention Exclusive
This one took us completely by surprise. We were even approached by "regular" people who asked if we were going to Comic-Con could you pick us one up? His pre-order sold out and might reappear on Entertainment Earth. That's one hot Bone Saw Macho Man. Add him to your "Wish List" him HERE
Though slated for the Fall of 2019, this $59.99 set has already started to arrive at GameStop. We didn't think much of this one,  but our opinion on it, seeing it in person, has changed. Mix that with the response we got on it via Instagram and this one hot set. Order one HERE

ONE:12 COLLECTIVE Commissioner James Gordon and Bat-Signal - Deluxe Edition
Mezco Toyz released there summer exclusive of Jim Gordon for pre-order just prior to COmic-Con. It sold out. It came as no surprise to us that, at the show, Gordon with Bat-Signal sold out again. We cannot wait for this one to arrive in the hands of the people who did not go to the convention. When that does happen, we'll have ours, but we will then see a spike in the secondary market price.

Marvel 80th Anniversary Exclusive 6-Inch Hulk Figure
Hasbro sent AFJ both the Incredible Hulk and the 2-Pack of The Collector and The Grandmaster (from free). We reviewed both and expected the 2-pack to be the hotter of the two. The Green Machine is through the roof on views and his price is starting to climb on the secondary market. Yep, Hulk smash! Check out review below!

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series (Expanded)
Batman: The Animated Series
has been long over however, its impact can still be felt to this day. Nothing made us happier to see that DC Collectibles was embracing the design of Bruce Timm's series with characters that had never appeared on the show. We saw the first announcement of new figures at Toy Fair 2019 (see below). When Toy Shiz dropped the picture beneath that, it felt like Christmas morning! 

Mego Wave 7 Announcements
We broke the image reveals of two of the new Mego releases, HERE on AFJ during SDCC 2019. Yet it was the Mego Museum that revealed the others. We love that Mego is embracing both the horror genre and now moving onto The Lord of the Rings.  

When these figures did become available, to order, we are able to put them up for pre-order via Entertainment Earth. The great thing for us, about that, is we are able to see the traffic that link garners. This 3-pack drove fans wild and the ordering commenced immediately. Was it the bone claws that Wolverine comes with? Perhaps it was 90s X-Men nostalgia? Our opinion is that it was the Jean Grey upgrade, hands down. Available for pre-order at Hasbro Pulse or at Entertainment Earth

Diamond Select Toys The Rocketeer Figure
Now I’ve been talking about this figure a lot, and I’ve been getting the weird “what the heck movie are you talking about?!?” look in response, but if you’re in the know, then I’m air high-fiving you from San Diego as we speak! The new toy of which I speak is THE ROCKETEER action figure by Diamond Select Toys. “Who in the holy heck is the Rocketeer,” you ask? Well slap yourself once and get to a VHS rental store, stream it or pirate it immediately, whatever you’re most comfortable with. You see, in the ancient times of 1991, Disney created a movie that involves 1930’s Hollywood, The Mafia, and a stunt Pilot (that that may or may not have an odd shared dwelling relationship with his mechanic) that finds a Howard Hughes rocket and has to save America from the incoming Nazi invasion. Yeah, like I said, watch it immediately, and make sure you’re chewing bubble gum while doing so. Cliff Secord has never looked better with them perfectly capturing the original actor, Billy Campbell’s good looks. Sporting around 22 points of articulation, Seacord comes complete with his spot on recreated iconic Rocketeer helmet (when you’re the Rocketeer for Halloween one year, you know perfection when you see it), interchangeable front jacket flaps, one open and one closed, just so he can mimic Luke in ROTJ if you choose. The rocket pack, with the freakin bumble gum sculpted on!! That’s how close attention to detail we are getting here!  A blast-off stand, secondary rocket effects, and blueprint schematics just in case you don’t blow up at the ending the film and still want to create your race of rocket supermen!

There were a ton of amazing toys unveiled at this years SDCC, but none managed to capture the sheer nostalgia of an absolutely astounding film, quite like this Diamond Select Rocketeer Action Figure! Give us...the rocket!! - Toy Shiz
Pre-Order The Rocketeer HERE


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I AM SO EXCITED FOR this Rocketeer! @collectdst Cliff Seaford #sdcc comiccon #comiccon2019 #toyshiz

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Marvel Legends Series Uncanny X-Force Wolverine Figure
We recently found this Wolverine in stores and the literal peddle to the metal was felt on our Instagram account. There are literally hundreds of Wolverine action figures but he is still popular enough to make him a hot figure, every time he is released! Order the full-wave of X-Force Marvel Legends HERE.

Marvel Legends Cosmic Ghost Rider
If we’re being honest, modern comics have been in and out, DC, Marvel, very few newer characters have really grabbed my attention lately. In DC you have the Batman Who Laughs, and on Marvel’s side, we have The Cosmic Ghost Rider. And finally, with the latter, we are getting Ol’ Cosmic Frankie in action figure form. I personally asked the Legends team last year for this figure, so I feel like this is all my doing, so just to get this out of the way now, you’re welcome🤣. All jokes aside, out of all the “marvelous” Marvel Legends reveals for SDCC, this figure takes the cake for me. Sure we’re getting a lot of new characters, especially in the X-Men realm, but this one will be a first for Legends, and really any company aside from Kotobukiya’s fellow gorgeous upcoming statue. Joining the Legendary Riders line, Cosmic Ghost Rider will be outfitted with his gorgeous sci-fi bike complete with its makeshift 80s plasma globe front end and flight stand. The figure itself looks like he waltzed right out of the recent comic books, sporting his Mr. Freeze type space helmet, skull armor and his trademark red spiked out shoulder pads. Wielding a Punisher esque space gun, weapon storage bike holsters, and the classic (now Cosmic) Hellfire chain, Cosmic Ghost Rider is a definite must-have in your detolf, or at the very least front and center on your grandma's knick-knack shelf. Saddle up later this year, we all have a baby Thanos to find! - Toy Shiz

Comic-Con was a cornucopia of releases and exclusives making it tough to just name 10 items for the month of July.

Hot Wheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon Vehicle and Armored Batmobile (from Batman 1989)
These are both by Hot Wheels and deserving to make the Hottest of July list here at AFJ. Both are from properties near and dear to our hearts. What we love is the packaging, perfect for display, and the detail supplied to each release. 
Alfred Pennyworth - DC Multiverse - Mattel
With Mattel's DC Multiverse line coming to end, it looks as if they are going out with a bang. Toy Shiz dropped this photo on us and we stood up and applauded. Here is an Alfred that is PERFECT. Perfect in that he captures not only the spirit of the character but brings us all the different incarnations of Batman's butler so that we can outfit the Batman of our choice with his most trusted confidant. Such a great idea. The downside, so we have been told, is that he is 1 per case. Scroll through the pictures below!

Gomez - Street Edition - Mezco Toyz - Summer Exclusive
In case you are left scratching your head, as to who this is, let me introduce you Mezco Toyz's unique character and figurehead, Gomez. Mezco has been releasing an exclusive version of Gomez in their uber-popular One:12 Collection line for years now. It is not only a brilliant idea but completely their own IP. This means all the money they make on Gomez is their own! We have the Toy Fair 2019 Exclusive, Agent Edition, (seen HERE) however, the Street Edition, Summer Exclusive, is downright sweet! And yes, he did sell out at the Con! Love it Mezco, keep the variations of Gomez coming.


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@mezcotoyz SOLD OUT of Gomez but Moon Knight is still available!

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