Hello Junkies! As you may or may not know, each month we bring you "AFJ’s Top 10 Hottest Toys". How do we determine the hottest toys on the month? Well, we monitor the AFJ closed Facebook Group and take note of what gets you talking and posting, for one. We also see what gets people crazy on our Instagram page. Now, this list is not just one Junkie's choice, as our Chief FB Admin, Rick "The Dark Knight Junkie" Alaia, Jason Nelson, our "Pop Guru", MJ Ortiz, "The Key Master", and Robert Trate, "The Jedi Junkie", all kick in their two cents on this list. Enjoy! #AFJ4LIFE

The following items are in no particular order.

Star Wars: The Black Series Archive Wave 2
The Star Wars: Black Series Archive Wave 2 is an interesting mix. It appears as if Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul are the easy ones to find. Which is upsetting because we have the SWCC Exclusive Darth Maul as well as our original Anakin, so we really don't want them. It's Yoda and the Biker Scout (first time without the speeder bike) that we really want. Yoda is a significant upgrade, then again so is Anakin's face. Order them HERE from Entertainment Earth.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie Shredder 1:4 Scale Action Figure
NECA is killing our wallet! Now we need this 1:4 scale because we have the 1:4 scale Turtles and the Foot Soldier(s). What's next a giant Splinter? The details, articulation, and accessories are fantastic. It looks as if AFJ HQ is now staffed by 1:4 TMNT characters. Order Shredder HERE from Entertainment Earth!

The Scar Pop! is really hot right now, the Chase version. Scar is part of a Lion King Disney Treasure box that Hot Topic is selling. A bit of an issue sprang up when Hot Topic released it though. Hot Topic had been running a sale of buying one Funko over $15, get the second for $5. They didn’t change the system to exclude The Lion King release, the day they dropped, so people were buying them up like crazy and then dumping the non-chase boxes for below retail online. Hot Topic fixed it on the second day, but the damage was done as an insane amount of Chase Scars were acquired by collectors. Nothing fuels the desire for an exclusive or a Chase than not having one knowing everyone else got it. You can still order one from Hot Topic HERE.

Wolverine Logan One:12 Collective Action Figure
It's amazing how Mezco Toyz can keep releasing One:12 Collectives and we never get tired of them. Why? They are the new standard for accessories, face sculpts, packaging, and reasonable price points. Case in point, Logan. We have several Wolverine figures, but to get him with his typical/ everyday attire just made us want him all the more. Order Logan/ Wolverine HERE from Entertainment Earth.

Batman: The Animated Series - Scarecrow, HARDAC, Two-Face, and the Gray Ghost - DC Collectibles
In all honesty, if you know that DC Collectibles is producing figures of this quality (all 4 below), why would you want anything from Mattel's DC Multiverse line?  The price is nearly the same, depending on the retailer, and these are actually easier to find (if you know where to look). Hell, you can order all 4 right now and be done with the wave. We're still looking for Mattel's Lobo wave. 
DC Essentials Cyborg Superman Action Figure
It's amazing how a character like Cyborg Superman can suddenly have a figure again and be a hot commodity. Especially since the Death of Superman animated film was released months ago and the character has really evolved since this incarnation (in the comics). This pick comes right from the Facebook page as the Junkies we all clamoring to find one. He is fantastic and again proof that DC Comics doesn't need Mattel to release their figures, just look at what DC Collectibles is doing! Order one for yourself HERE, Junkies! 

ONE:12 COLLECTIVE Commissioner James Gordon and Bat Signal - Deluxe Edition
Mezco Toyz has struck again with another hot Summer Exclusive. This one was teased on #BatmanDay 2018 and will debut at Comic-Con 2019. Mezco did a preorder sale and it went quick! So now you have to take your chances in the Main Hall at SDCC. Good luck, Junkies! Secondary prices are going to soar after that first announcement of a sell out (on preview night).

Captain America was hot at the beginning of the month but has wained a bit as the market has stabilized. Our own Pop Guru, Jason Nelson, came across 2 cases in West Virginia and was able to help a lot of people obtain "Worthy" Cap (at cost). What's amazing to us is how scattered the distribution is on this exclusive. Many claim to have never have seen him and others are choking on them. Why can't you just order one through the Summer from Walmart.com is beyond us. Fear not Junkies, if you didn't get the exclusive Cap yet he probably will be everywhere by Labor Day.

Funko Thor STORMBREAKER & Mjolnir Avengers: Endgame FYE Exclusive Pop! (#482)
Hard to believe that Avengers: Endgame came out 2 months ago now. Where does the Summer go? The FYE Exclusive Thor has been the most popular Pop! released from the line. Many may scoff at the popularity and value of Pop! releases, but not AFJ. All it takes is one and you will have dozens before you know. They are the perfect mix of a pop culture moment, toy, and nostalgia all wrapped into one.
NECA's Comic-Con Con Exclusive Pre-Orders
This year, there did not seem as much angst against NECA for the preordering of their Summer Exclusives. A recent poll we did on Instagram showed that a lot of people were excited for the Superman vs. Aliens two-pack, over a few other choice items. We know these items are slated for shipping after Comic-Con, but the quality of work for all the releases posted below reveal that NECA is crafting exactly what we want, now. 

Already Hot and it's Slated for August 2019!
Batman: The Animated Series: Batcycle Action Figure Set was sent to AFJ has an early preview release. We loved it. Check out of review below and order it HERE from Entertainment Earth, you will not regret it. Yes, we know, we had the bike, on the stand, backward!

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