Hello Junkies! As you may or may not know, each month we bring you "AFJ’s Top 10 Hottest Toys". How do we determine the hottest toys on the month? Well, we monitor the AFJ closed Facebook Group and take note of what gets you talking and posting, for one. We also see what gets people crazy on our Instagram page. Now, this list is not just one Junkie's choice, as our Chief FB Admin, Rick "The Dark Knight" Alaia, Jason Nelson, our "Pop Guru", MJ Ortiz, "The Key Master", and Robert Trate, "The Jedi Junkie", all kick in their two cents on this list. Enjoy! #AFJ4LIFE

The following items are in no particular order.

Lord Zedd - Power Rangers - Lighting Series - Hasbro
The Lighting Series of Power Rangers figures have landed and, initially, they were tough to find. Now they are easily available... well all but Lord Zedd. He is short packed (1 per case) and Hasbro Pulse has them listed as "sold out" online (seen HERE). This amazes me, why not just keep taking orders Hasbro? If you short pack the only villain in the line, in retail stores, then make him available for online purchase. So you are saying you don't want our money?
Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Jabbas Palace
This Walmart Exclusive is driving collector's into a frenzy. Initial pre-orders are filled and now it is limited to an in-store purchase only (seen HERE on Walmart.com). With Hasbro's recent resurgence of Star Wars Playsets and Walmart inability to proper stock any toy, this has become super hot.

Batman 1989 80th Anniversary Pop! Vinyl Figure
The next Batman 80th-Anniversary Pop! has retail stores and is already gone! The fandom behind Keaton and Burton's film is insane. Mix that with 80th-Anniversary enthusiasm as well Pop! collectors and this Batman is now best found online (HERE from Entertainment Earth). If you see one in the real world grab it quick! 
DC Comics Multiverse 6-Inch Action Figure Wave 10
A hot wave right now, mostly because it is not being stocked in retail stores, is the DC Multiverse Lobo Wave. This wave, which consists of Kingdom Superman, Kid Flash, Batman Beyond, and Kyle Rayner is one of the last waves of DC Multiverse figures since Mattel will no longer have the license in 2020. We acquired this wave from Luke & Cade's Toy Chest and really wanted it for more the individual figures over the Build-A-Figure. Enjoy the entire review below. FYI, Lobo was not worth it. Order the full wave from Entertainment Earth HERE.

NBA Bulls Funko Pop! Michael Jordan (Bronzed) #54 - Foot Locker Exclusive
The regular release of the Michael Jordan Pop! landed with some buzz but has since stabilized. Now there will be a Foot Locker Exclusive Bronzed version. Yep, now we have to check Foot Locker for our Pop! releases. Big Apple Comics has it up for Pre-Order, HERE, if you don't care to venture to the mall.

Batman: Sovereign Knight -  One:12 Collective - Mezco Toyz
The release/ pre-order of the Mezco Toyz Sovereign Knight Batman had a lot of buzz. Not particularly hard to find (order one HERE NOW on Entertainment Earth), we have it on the hot list because we love the accessories and look of this phenomenal One:12 release. 
Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Broly Full Power Figure-Rise Standard Model Kit - Bandai
Super hot right now is the Dragon Ball Super Saiyan. Hard to find in retail stores and limited at specialty stores, due to the cost, but a great figure nonetheless. We recommend ordering one from (HERE) Entertainment Earth and saving yourself a toy hunt. 

Avengers: Endgame S.H.Figuarts FiguresAll right, Junkies, this is a broad stroke here, but S.H.Figuarts has released images for Avengers: Endgame figures! Thanos is already up on Big Bad Toy Store (HERE) and is pre-sold out on Entertainment Earth, thus making the whole line super hot. Undoubtedly, they will surely drive the debate further as to which is better, S.H.Figuarts or Marvel Legends.

Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Mountain Playset - Super7
Technically, not out yet, but the surprising thing was (why it makes the hot list) that it was fully funded. In short, it got enough pre-orders to validate its manufacturing. This is amazing because it is a cool $600. Hasbro's Sail Barge for Jabba the Hutt was only $400 and that cut it pretty close to the deadline to get funded. Need one, Junkies? You can still order one for yourself from Entertainment Earth, HERE (w/ Free Shipping).

Infamous Iron Man - Marvel Legends- Hasbro - Walgreens Exclusive
We almost made it a full month without having a Walgreens Exclusive on our list. When it came down to it, the Infamous Iron Man was too good to leave off. Check out our review below of this hot figure and one that is still difficult to find. Fear not, a year from now they will be everywhere.


Gambit - Marvel Legends - X-Men Wave 4
We have nothing against this figure, it is just that we see him everywhere now. We dub thee a peg warmer, sorry Gambit, but you are doomed to an existence that which only Paladin, Jyn Erso, and Cassian Andor know of.

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