Hello Junkies! As you may or may not know, our founder Jarrett Kruse passed away at the beginning of the year. We have had some time to focus on a few areas that Jarrett wanted to dive into, YouTube being the biggest. However, one of Jarrett’s monthly columns "AFJ’s Top 10 Hottest Toys" was kickstarted again in the Summer. He loved to monitor the market and what was driving the Junkies crazy. So what does make one particular toy warrant a place on our Top 10 Hottest? You! We monitor the AFJ closed Facebook and take note of what gets you talking and posting. 

The following items are in no particular order.

Mego - Wave 3 - Captain Kirk (Green Shirt)
Never did we think that Mego would come back like it did, let alone continuingly make out hot list month after month. The latest hot figure from Mego is the green shirt (off duty), Captain Kirk. We thought Wave 3's Wolf Man would be the hot one or KISS' Gene Simmons, nope. It's the Shat baby!

Marvel’s Magik - Marvel Legends - Hasbro - Walgreens Exclusive

The Walgreens/ Hasbro shipping conundrum continues to plague us. This is literally a hot figure and has been on our list for three months in a row. If it is going to be exclusive, then why aren't they at every location? Better yet, why does one location get two boxes worth, and some get nothing (nothing for weeks). We love exclusives, but we are tired of the chase when it comes to Walgreens.

POP! Animation Metallic Skeletor Gemini Exclusive - Funko
The Gemini Exclusive Metallic Skeletor keeps continuing to sell out,  within minutes, despite multiple restocks. Clearly the love for Masters of the Universe characters, in POP! form is obvious, but this is just crazy.

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Batman: Sovereign Knight – Onyx Edition
Technically, he was only a pre-order, we expect to see him on the hot list in April of 2019, however, this Mezco One:12 sold out faster than any other, in November. There was clearly a crush on Mezco's site as we saw multiple people complaining about it on social media. Clearly the mark of a hot item when it sells out in minutes.

Super7 Masters of the Universe - Holiday He-Man 7" Club Grayskull Collection Figure

This one came as a bit of a surprise, Junkies. Why? The amount of dislike we read about on the Facebook group made us think that maybe Super7 missed the mark. They didn't, it sold out the first day, pretty quick. In our honest opinion, how could it not? Look at the packaging alone and the promise of getting it before the holiday too?! Again, Super7 is giving the fans what they want!

Wrestlemania 35 Scott Hall - Mattel
BAM! A WWE Wrestling figure makes our hot list, after a long drought. This NWO rendition of Scott Hall, from Wrestlemania 35 is the hot wrestling figure to acquire. We're still trying to figure out why. Perhaps it was a short production number?

McFarlane Toys - Fortnite Figures

McFarlane Toys struck gold when they acquired the Forenite action figure license. These are flying off the shelf so fast that even we, AFJ, haven't seen them yet. Keep looking, Junkies! The demand will hopefully subside during the holiday rush, right?

Marvel Legends - GamerVerse - PS4 Spider-Man - Hasbro - GameStop Exclusive
We put a deposit down on ours and even found two at different locations. With that being said, many Junkies are still having a problem finding this hot figure for the hottest game out there. Who would have thought that a Marvel Legend based on a video game would be in such high demand? Oh wait, Marvel and Hasbro did.

“Mortal Kombat” 1/12 Scale Goro Action Figure - STORM COLLECTIBLES 

Goro was first available at NYCC 2018 back in October. Since then he was released to the world and fans of Mortal Kombat and Storm Collectibles have been eating him up.

Pop! Animation Dragonall Funimation Exclusive Flocked Beerus - Funko
According to our POP! Guru, Jason Nelson, Beerus was an immediate sellout. You simply cannot deny the impact or power of Funko's POP! line or that of a Flocked Exclusive. Funko is an incredible force in the industry. Never will you be able to collect them all.

Thanks to Rick Alaia, Jason Nelson, MJ Ortiz, and Robert Trate for contributing and reporting on November's list. 

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