Hello Junkies! As you may or may not know, our founder Jarrett Kruse passed away at the beginning of the year. We have had some time to focus on a few areas that Jarrett wanted to dive into, YouTube being the biggest. However, one of Jarrett’s monthly columns "AFJ’s Top 10 Hottest Toys" was kickstarted again in the Summer. What makes one particular toy warrant a place on our Top 10 Hottest? You! We monitor the AFJ closed Facebook and take note of what gets you talking and posting. 

The following items are in no particular order.

Halloween Michael Myers - Mezco Toyz - One:12 Collective

We have given a lot of love to Michael Myers this month on AFJ. However, it was the Junkies who had the forethought, back in 2017 to pre-order Michael. Now, his One:12 Collective edition is terrifying up the secondary marketplaces. Did you get one? Do you regret not getting one? We've hung our head in shame for not pre-ordering one.

Gorn - Mego - Target Exclusive

Quite frankly, we are a little shocked that we loved the Gorn as much as we do. In fact, the entire rebirth of Mego is hitting everyone by surprise. AFJ's own Jedi Junkie, Robert Trate, who is also a Trekkie, reviewed this release HERE. An easy 10 out of 10 and tough to find as well.

Spider-Hulk - POP! - Funko - Walgreens Exclusive
It is hard to deny Funko's hold and craze over the market. Whether it be the diehard collectors who just enjoy the product or the vile scalpers that know the value of a hard to find item, POPs are always hot. Walgreens, again, has exclusives that everyone wants and it is for the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse film. Each is a different Spider-Man from his long history with Spider-Hulk leading the pack as to what people want.

Mimban Stormtrooper - Star Wars: The Black Series - Hasbro - Walmart Exclusive
It is just a re-released Stormtrooper, covered in mud, who also has a cape. So what is the big deal then? Maybe the fascination is lost on us, we do have one already, but the Walmart Exclusive is incredibly hot right now. Perhaps, just perhaps, because this is the early wave of this release. The time when everyone wants one and can't find one. We highly doubt he will appear in November (when he will be plentiful).

Frankenstein & Dracula - Mego - Target Exclusive
We are chalking this one to two things. The time of year, October, and the general love for the Universal Monsters. Those two reasons are why everyone is looking for Dracula and Frankenstein. Now we also have to find a Wolfman/ Werewolf that has started to pop up on eBay (not seen at any Targets, yet). Mego might leave your head scratching with Brady Bunch and Cheers characters, but when it comes to Universal Monsters, they are a slam dunk!

Wolverine 5 Ronin - Mezco Toyz -One:12 Collective - Mezco Fall Exclusive

The first day of the New York Comic Con, Ronin Wolverine was pretty easy to get. It was Doctor Strange that sold out first. By day 2, he was gone. How could he not be? Look at him, he's fantastic. Sadly, those that did not attend NYCC 2018 and pre-ordered him, are still waiting for theirs to arrive.

Archangel - Marvel Legends - Hasbro - Shared Exclusive

The GameStop/ Entertainment Earth Exclusive has become a bit of quagmire to acquire. First, they were online, then they weren't. Some people got their orders refunded, where others got their's shipped. Now they are starting to populate GameStops. He is a fantastic addition to the Marvel Legends line and long overdue.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark - POP! - Funko - Spooky Empire Exclusive (1500 Pieces)

At the release of this list, the event hasn't even happened yet. Spook Fest, in Florida, occurs on October 26th and 27th and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Elvira Mistress of the Dark (it's streaming on Hulu, FYI) Cassandra Peterson (Elvira's real name) will be on hand and have her own exclusive POP! The POP! is limited to 1500 pieces, it is $55 with a personalized autograph, limited to three per customer, and on a first come first serve basis. This is not only going to drive POP! collectors nuts, but horror and Elvira fans into a frenzy. We'll be watching the market value of this one Junkies.

Marvel’s Magik - Marvel Legends - Hasbro - Walgreens Exclusive

Again, the Walgreens/ Hasbro conundrum plagues us. This is literally a hot figure and has been on our list for two months in a row. If it is going to be exclusive, then why aren't they at every location? Are scalpers literally buying them all up? Once The Thing Walgreens exclusive hit, he was pretty easy to find. Switching gears, Magik is now on our targeting computer and nada. We love exclusives, but we are tired of the chase when it comes to Walgreens.

Injustice 2 Batman and Superman - DC Multiverse - Mattel - GameStop Exclusives

At long last, the GameStop exclusives have started to appear at stores. The Injustice 2 line is pretty hot with DC Collectors, and how can it not be? Look at what Mattel is producing in their standard DC Multiverse line. They are too few and far between and not well constructed either, in box collectors won't care, but out of the box collectors are taking notice. This line is a tad more expensive but is worth it on multiple levels.

November Preview:
We are going to add a new feature to the Hottest Toys of the month and that is a preview of what is to come. We found a Scarlet Spider-Man at a GameStop and it had the most likes out everything we posted this month in Instagram. Is Kane Parker destined to for the Hottest of November 2018? We shall see.

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