The time has come again to scour the AFJ Facebook Group, the chat rooms, Instagram, and whatever else we can find to determine what are the Hottest Toys of September 2018. It may come as a shock to you, but two old figures, in particular, are heating up the discussion boards. Sadly, this means a drop in price, but who cares, as they now are finally available. Do you have the following? Do you need the following? Were you even aware of the following? Is Walgreens the new Toys R Us? #AFJ4LIFE

FYI: The following are in no particular order!

Chirrut & Baze - Star Wars: The Black Series - (Unofficial Five Below Exclusive)

Out of nowhere, well, a Toys R US warehouse likely, the Black Series Rogue One releases of Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus have become hot figures again. Why? Suddenly, cases upon cases of what sat at a TRU warehouse are now arriving at Five Below. Thus making it an unofficial exclusive and the only place, so far, we have seen Chirrut and Baze (in over a year). These figures were easily fetching $60 a piece prior to this. Certainly, the market value will drop but we are thrilled to FINALLY add them to our collection. See our Toy Hunt HERE on AFJ. 

Frankenstein POP! - Funko - Walgreens Exclusive
Another Walgreens exclusive? Yes, and one that is practically impossible to buy at an actual location.  We've have been hunting this one for a while now and it seems as if Walgreens as no real interest in selling these. This one will probably be a hot figure through October, but as the pumpkins turn to turkeys he'll fade away I am sure. 

Marvel’s Magik - Marvel Legends - Walgreens Exclusive

Like a bat out of hell Marvel's Magik is landing at, yes, Walgreens. Will, they be as readily available and sit on the shelf like Medusa? Who can tell at this point, but it is worth it to install the Walgreens app on your phone and check every day. You know, if you are into that sort of thing.

Big Foot with Marshmellow -Pop! Vinyl - Funko Shop Exclusive 

"What stands out to me was the Funko Shop exclusive Bigfoot with Marshmallow (top left). Probably about as or maybe even more popular was the Canada Fan Expo exclusive Snowy Bigfoot (top right)". - Jason Nelson, AFJ Pop! Guru

The Thing - Marvel Legends - Walgreens Exclusive
We were told by our inside man, that The Thing (again Walgreens) has shipped to the locations. It is a heavy sucker and many who ordered him online are starting to get him. At long last, you will be able to complete your modern Marvel Legends Fantastic Four line. Need Ben Grimm? Turn to the secondary market and just avoid a headache. 

Venom (No.088) Marvel - MAFEX

Toy Ninja has released the pre-order for a 90's style Venom/ Eddie Brock that the Junkies are going crazy over. I can honestly say I am not a fan of the Brock head, however, the likeness to what Todd McFarlane drew is uncanny! With the new Venom movie arriving (October 5th) expect this figure to only climb in value and become even hotter. Order it HERE

Mike Tyson - Storm Collectibles
WOW. Our chief admin Rick Alaia recommended the Storm Collectibles release of Mike Tyson and it is fantastic. This bad boy is already sold out online (seen HERE) so best of luck trying to obtain one. 

Justice League Tactical Suit Batman - MAFEX

Let's ignore that this is Batfleck and marvel and just how fantastic this Justice League Tactical Suit Batman is from Justice League. MAFEX really is a class unto themselves and this figure, like the Venom above, proves it.

One:12 Halloween Michael Myers - Mezco Toyz
AFJ Facebook member Patrick Lynch posted this open box picture of Mezco Toyz One:12 Halloween Michael Myers and it reveals just how awesome the figure is. Outside of being yet another fantastic One:12 addition to the collection it is the season and time for Michael. A lot of you, and us too, to be honest, already regret not pre-ordering him all those moons ago. Now we have the secondary market price to contend with. 

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