AFJ’s Top 10 Own YouTube Videos – 2018

Yes, this is a shameless promotion. Please consider the fact that in January of 2018 our YouTube channel had only 38 subscribers; we thought it was a perfect time for the pat on the back. The following are in order from number 10 to number 1 in views. We covered a wide range of toy-related topics in 2018. We ventured out to several conventions, hit up some local vintage toy shops, reviewed a ton of toys, did a few skits, had a couple of interviews, and discussed while you won't own certain toys. #AFJ4LIFE

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Neca Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Review

AFJ's own MJ Ortiz (The Keymaster) and Robert Trate (The Jedi Junkie) reviewed the highly sought after and much discussed Comic-Con Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NECA exclusive.

9. The Hasbro Toy Shop Debacle - Sdcc 2018 Han Solo and Red Skull

On August 13th, the Hasbro Toy Shop released their San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. Unable to attend SDCC 2018 this year, AFJ was thrilled to have a chance to pick up two choice items that we wanted for our own personal collections. Robert wanted Star Wars: The Black Series Han Solo and Mynock two-pack. MJ wanted to finish off the Marvel Studios First Ten Years Marvel Legends set by getting the #0 Red Skull. They did not show up in the best condition.

8. AFJ Assemble! An Exclusive Chat with Brian Crosby of Marvel Themed Entertainment

Marvel fans assembled in theaters across the globe to experience “Avengers: Infinity War,” and AFJ brought you an exclusive interview with the Creative Director of Marvel Themed Entertainment, Brian Crosby. Brian and AFJ West Coast’s Josh Turchetta discussed the story of Marvel Themed Entertainment and what fans can expect in the future. They also nerded out on the Hasbro line of Marvel Legends prop replicas and discuss their thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War!”

7. First Date - AFJ Laughs

"AFJ Laughs" is a look at the toy collecting world and how it shapes what we say and do. Enjoy AFJ's digital short "First Date". See what happens when a first date is too good to be true, for a toy collector.

6. AFJ at the Greater Philadelphia Comic Con 2018

The AFJ Crew walked the convention floor at the Greater Philadelphia Comic Con in Oaks, PA. Our search was on for cosplayers, rare toys, toy deals, comics, and of course what else Evan (our former columnist, The Noob) doesn't know.

5. Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced Action Figure Review

MJ and his son Logan (aka AFJ's "Little Logan") got Ben 10 crazy with three of the latest Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced action figures from Playmates.

4. Into the Wild - Episode 5 (Encounter at Farpoint Toys)

AFJ's "INTO THE WILD" returned for its fifth episode and it was a whopper of one to boot! We ventured into the wilds of New Jersey for a special encounter at Farpoint Toys. The video above highlights the awe that the MJ and Robert had while walking through the store. Nothing compares to actually visiting Farpoint. This was only our first trip there, Junkies. We've been invited back. Next time we plan to bring a lot more money.

3. Kessel Run Millennium Falcon - Toy Fair 2018 Demonstration

The good people at Hasbro were kind of enough to give us a full rundown on what the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon can do at Hasbro's Toy Fair Press Event. This was the Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

2. AFJ Exclusive Interview with NJ Gamer Con Organizer Lani Winzer

July 7th and 8th, at the Crown Plaza in Cherry Hill, NJ, Gamer Con 2018 opened its doors to gamers with a ready to play 24hr arcade, console rooms, panels, tournaments, and vendor room. AFJ had the chance to interview the Con’s organizer, Lani Winzer, about what it takes to run something like Gamer Con and what drives her to do it.

1. Top 10 Star Wars The Black Series You Don't Own (With Good Reason)

Robert broke down the top 10 Star Wars The Black Series figures you don't own, that even the most completist of collectors will agree with. With that being said, Robert did not count on #8 showing up at Five Below at the end of the Summer!

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