The Marvel Netflix Series, The Punisher, lands this week. AFJ thought it was the prime time to break down a Top 10 list of all of Frank Castle’s action figures. What really surprised us was how many bad Punisher action figures are out there. Equally shocking are a number of awesome customs that fans have crafted. Fear not, Junkies, we were able to find incredible Punisher action figures for our top 10. Even one that dates back as far as 1994! Enjoy Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

10. Walgreens Exclusive The Punisher Pop! Marvel Vinyl Figure by Funko
In 2015, Walgreens landed an exclusive POP from Funko. This is as classic a Punisher as one can get. This POP also has the distinction of being the fourth Marvel Exclusive POP sold at Walgreens.

9. Punisher - Toy Biz (1994)
There were two different versions of the Punisher from the Toy Biz line, this one makes our list for its retro coolness and the fact that it comes with a trench coat. We are pretty sure that this was either the first or second time the Punisher was made in action figure form.

8. Marvel Legends Epic Heroes The Punisher
Now many Punisher fans will know that there is a variant with a red painted skull on Frank’s chest from 2012. We are going with the mass-produced one. The base is great for posing, and we love the blister packing which, for this line, now feels retro. There was also no BAF in this wave.

7. Marvel Daredevil Netflix Funko POP! Marvel Punisher Vinyl Bobble Head #216 [Holding Mask Chase Version]
It is hard to ignore Funko’s POP line. Even harder to ignore is a chase variant where Frank Castle is holding Daredevil’s mask. This is one of those POPs that you will have to shell out a little extra coin for, Junkies. Happy hunting!

6. Marvel Legends (Series 6) Punisher (Movie Version)
Yes, this is the Thomas Jane Punisher from the 2004 movie. The likeness is pretty good (for 2004). Yet, it is the Punisher’s first appearance comic book (Amazing Spider-Man #129) and the Punisher symbol display stand that dictate why we love this figure so much.

5. Marvel Legends Super Heroes Vintage 6-Inch Figures Wave 1 - Punisher
Inspired by the 1994 Toy Biz figure, Hasbro did retro packaging for this Marvel Legends line. Particularly, the packing and the second head sway us. Not sure if this Punisher will ever emerge from the packaging. He is just too damn cool.

4. Marvel Knights Marvel Legends Man-Thing Series Punisher
From the Daredevil Netflix series comes Jon Bernthal’s spot-on likeness of the character, for the price point ($19.99). We love this figure for Bernthal’s performance, his spin-off series, and the Man-Thing BAF.

3. Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Punisher
This 2016 Walgreens exclusive is not only one of the best Punisher figures ever, it just happens to be one of the best Marvel Legends ever.  Based on Jim Lee’s artwork, this Marvel Legend first hit overseas before he landed in the states. Again, well sought after by completists.

2. ONE:12 Collective Punisher
Easily, the Punisher from Mezco Toyz takes our number two spot. Sadly, the ONE:12 is sold out (seen here). That will not keep you from finding one on the secondary markets.

1. Marvel Daredevil Netflix Movie Masterpiece Punisher 1/6 Collectible Figure
Without a doubt, the best Punisher to date. Then again, we are dealing with a Hot Toys/ Sideshow Collectibles release. The details and accessories are sick. Check out the full listing, decide which bill to skip this month, and order this 1/6 Collectible NOW.

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