I remember the outright anger that Disney faced when they canceled Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I don’t think any fanboy or fangirl realized that Disney wasn’t just canceling a beloved show, but simply closing a chapter in Star Wars to open a new one. We all should have known that Supervising Director Dave Filoni would not leave his characters from The Clone Wars to have open-ended storylines. The magic of what he did with Rebels was to weave those characters perfectly into the series we celebrate today.

The downside to Star Wars Rebels is that the series' toys and collectibles have been under the juggernaut that is the Star Wars Cinematic Universe. Certainly, Hasbro has found a way to weave Rebels' action figures and vehicles into their releases, but not nearly as many as we would have liked. It was a tough Top 10 here Junkies. We love so much of what we were actually given, we only wish there was more.

10. Rebels Mission Series: Action Figure Set: Jedi Reveal 

It never hurts to start a list with the first toys released for a new show. This Toys R Us exclusive harbored a secret figure (a hologram Obi-Wan Kenobi) and even went so far as to blacken out his window. Cool, but odd because the internet moves at such a fast pace, that the first one simply had to be bought for it to be known everywhere. It was great that three figures kicked off this new line of toys! 

9. LEGO Star Wars Captain Rex's AT-TE (75157)

A tad more on the expensive side but Captain Rex's AT-TE’s from the “Lost Commanders” (Season 2) episode is one of the best toys from Rebels. Of course, we wish that Hasbro would have released it as a toy, but it gives us all the more reason to pick up one of the AT-TE from The Clone Wars they released and get creative. Thank you, LEGO we love this set!

8. Attack Vehicle: Imperial Troop Transport

From the fifth wave of Rebels action figures in the line, comes a personal favorite as I had the original one from Kenner. It was great to see Filoni and crew pay homage to the original toy and making it canon by placing it into the show. If only I could have seen it in the stores to buy it. Thank Vader for the secondary online market.

7. Star Wars Rebels Characters Disney Infinity 3.0
Star Wars Characters Disney Infinity 3.0
Disney Infinity felt like such a right fit for Star Wars. Yet, if you have visited any brick and mortar store that sold the game pieces you know that Disney canceled it long ago. Having played the game, I thought it was cool but ultimately frustrating. Outside of the gameplay, the sculpts for the character pieces are fantastic! They are now a tad harder to come by in stores, the Rebels, but look online and you will find them.

6. LEGO Star Wars Rebels The Ghost (75053-1)
LEGO Star Wars Rebels The Ghost (75053-1)Again, LEGO has released a toy that Hasbro has not. What I would give to actually have a Ghost to interact with my 3.75-inch figures. Especially after we saw The Ghost parked at the Yavin Base in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. LEGO I applaud you, a fantastic piece!

5. Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Celebration Orlando Exclusive- Grand Admiral Thrawn
Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Celebration Orlando Exclusive- Grand Admiral ThrawnThrawn is the most respected character from the Expanded Universe (non-cannon/ legends). Leave it to Filoni to bring him into the fold on Rebels. There was an earlier Thrawn in the Expanded Universe 3.75" line and a figure that emerged in the Rogue One wave. However, the Black Series Thrawn that surfaced as a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive is perfection!

4. Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Ahsoka Tano
Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka had numerous figures made in The Clone Wars line. Again, as it was with Thrawn, her Black Series figure is perfect. Here we have the mature Togruta Jedi dropout with her brilliant white lightsabers. We know Filoni will wrap up her story on Rebels. He not only owes it to the fans but to the character as well.

3. Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Kanan Jarrus
Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Kanan JarrusHe was a young Padawan when Palpatine issued Order 66. However, Caleb Dume survived and started his own rebellion. Of courses, this version of the Cowboy Jedi makes our list. Hasbro even made the lightsaber part of his belt as to not reveal his true identity.

2. Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Hera Syndulla
Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Hera SyndullaThough just merely a Captain on Rebels, we know that this Twi’lek will rise to the rank of General (check out Rogue One again). This figure was long overdue and a hot commodity on Force Friday II. Surprisingly Hasbro did not release 3.75” figure of her in the first wave. Now she is only 1 of 4 from Rebels to get the Black Series treatment!

1. Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Sabine Ren
Star Wars Rebels Black Series - Sabine RenWhen Sabine’s Black Series figure debuted at Toy Fair it was like a rock star had been unveiled. The crowd went nuts and the cameras started to go off. Kudos to Hasbro for keeping her Black Lightsaber under wraps because it really would have spoiled the storyline and where Rebels took her.

There you have it, Junkies, our "Top 10 Star Wars Rebels Toys". We are celebrating Star Wars: The Last Jedi all this month with similar articles featuring fantastic lists of toys from the galaxy far far away!

Star Wars Rebels will end it's series finale in 2018 on Disney XD! Check out this Spanish Toy Commerical for the Rebels line below! #AFJ4LIFE

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