With a Justice League live-action film on the horizon, AFJ wanted to take a moment and highlight our favorite Justice League action figures from Kenner’s SuperPowers line. Now many Junkies know that several of these figures have been redone in the modern era. However, we wanted to Top 10 (in no particular order) the old line that rocked our backyards so many years ago. Enjoy, Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE.

Hawkman - The Winged Wonder
Power Action:
Flight Wings
Why? Despite Hawkman not having two power actions, this is a badass figure. He has that warrior look to him and standing in a room full of capes, it is nice to see someone rocking a pair of wings.

Brainiac - The Living Computer
Brainiac - The Living Computer
Power Action: Computer Kick
Why? First and foremost, Brainiac has vac-metallization (first-time use for this by Kenner) and that easily sets him apart in both style and appearance. Secondly, finally, a bad guy who is not Lex Luthor that can give our heroes a run for their money.

Darkseid - Lord of Apokolips
Darkseid - Lord of Apokolips
Power Action:
Raging Motion & Omega Beams
Why? Easily one of the biggest figures in the SuperPowers line. He is also one of the few to have two “actions”. As a villain, for the cartoon and overall in the DCU, there is no one has threatening as Darkseid.

Green Arrow - The Emerald Archer
Green Arrow - The Emerald ArcherPower Action:
Archery Pull
Why? The Green Arrow may not seem like an odd duck hero to include in an action figure line now, but back in the eighties? Come on, the guy shoots an arrow, and this team features Superman and The Flash, who needs an archer? Kudos to DC and Kenner for making Oliver Queen in this line.

Firestorm - The Nuclear Man
Power Action:
Atomic Punch
Why? In relation to the other figures in this line, the sculpt of Firestorm stands out above the rest. As he pertains the show, he was one of the most powerful characters in the series, yet lacked the experience to deal with each week’s villain. We like that here at AFJ. It makes great storytelling.

Red Tornado - The Amazing Android
Red Tornado - The Amazing AndroidPower Action:
Tornado Twist
Why? Outside of a punch or kick, there are very few “actions” that an action figure can accomplish and do it within the context of the character. The Red Tornado’s twist is one of the best power actions in the line.

Tyr - The Merciless Mercenary
Tyr - The Merciless MercenaryPower Action:
Rocket Launch
Why? Okay, outside of the obvious Masters of the Universe influence on this figure, Tyr, with his powerful bionic rocket launcher arm, is also one of the rarest and priciest figures in the line. So yes, we are adding a goofball character, because he is valuable to collectors.

The Riddler
The Riddler
Power Action:
Super Strike Hand
Why? The Riddler, of all characters, was only released in Argentina. That’s right Junkies, The Riddler was only released in a South American county. So, again, this particular figure makes our list for its collectibility.

Aquaman - King of the Seven Seas
Power Action:
Deep Sea Kick
Why? Yeah, that’s right, we are giving some major love to Aquaman. Why not, Junkies? This is a great figure and captures his look and style perfectly form the cartoon series and the comic. Plus, he was perfect to take to the tub, the beach, and the pool.

Wonder Woman - The Amazing Amazon
Power Action: Deflector Bracelets
Why? The figure itself is a great likeness and to be honest, Kenner wasn't really cranking out the female action figures in their hay day. The other reason she makes the list is the creepy subplot the SuperPowers series had with Darkseid wanting to marry the Amazon Princess. I understand why since she was the only girl in the room.

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