The God of Thunder finally returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Ragnarok. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber breathed comic book life into this mythological character back in 1962. Since then, there have been plenty of t-shirts, posters, and toys for this character. With the third Thor movie about to hit us like a hammer, AFJ’s looks back at the "Top 10 Thor Action Figures" of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. In no particular order, let's call down the thunder! #AFJ4LIFE

Thor: Ragnarok - Thor - Marvel Legends

The most recent addition to the Marvel Legends is this likeness of Thor from Thor: Ragnarok. A very cool looking figure and completely in line with the film's cool aesthetic. Easily obtainable, for now, this is our favorite Chris Hemsworth Thor for under $25.

Thor: Ragnarok - Hulk - Mezco Toyz - One:12

Arriving in 2018, Mezco's fantastic One:12 line will add the Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok. The image above was captured at the NYCC and has yet to go on pre-order at Mezco. Yes, we too feel the need for this Hulk. 

Thor: Ragnarok - Thor - Mezco Toyz - One:12

Again, we turn to Mezco for their One:12 line. This Thor has it all and we don't even care that Mjolnir is absent. This is the true warrior at his very best. The pre-order for Thor goes into effect on November 3rd.

Marvel Universe - Thor (3.75")

The Marvel Universe Thor (or as I call him the J. Michael Straczynski Thor) is our comic book rendition that we like. A perfect rendering of Olivier Coipel’s artwork from Straczynski's re-launch of the character from a few years ago.

Thor: Ragnarok - Sideshow Collectibles - Hot Toys
Roadworn Thor, by Hot Toys and released through Sideshow Collectibles is available now for pre-order (here). A great likeness of Hemsworth as the God of Thunder. We like this one because it is slightly different from the typical Thor figures and collectibles we tend to see.

Marvel Legends -Fin Fang Foam - BAF

The Marvel Legend series took a diversion and did an entire Hulk wave. In that wave was a build-a-figure of Fin Fang Foam. Standing at 15-inches tall he was a great figure to add to the collection. The added bonus was all the Hulk figures were actually worth getting.

Marvel Legends - Beta Ray Bill

Created by Walt Simonson, he is both friend and ally to Thor. Beta Ray Bill is an essential Thor figure for any collector. Need Beta Ray Bill? This one was from the MODOK wave of the Marvel Legends series. Hopefully a Mezco One:12 is not far off. 

Marvel Universe's Gigantic Battles Savage Frost Giant and Loki

The 12-inch Frost Giant is Thor’s second most perfect nemesis, in action figure form. The first comes with the Frost Giant in this set, Loki. This Wal-Mart exclusive is now a highly sought after set. Hasbro makes so few of these giant figures making each a collectors dream.

Thor: Ragnarok - Hela - Marvel Legends
Early on when this set was trickling into brick and mortar stores, Hela was tough to find. The AFJ Facebook is starting to report more and more sightings of her now, however, we still think she is worthy of our list. Why? The details on the head and face for one. The second reason is that we may finally have a decent MCU female villain! Check out AFJ's interview with Cate Blanchett HERE.

Marvel Legends - Thor - Series 3
This is an incredible likeness of the God of Thunder as if directly from the Avengers comic book. This figure was a huge seller when the first Thor film dropped. He is a perfect addition to the Gods that protect your desktop. Just keep him in mint condition.


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