Today, July 9th marks a significant and insignificant date in history. For those that find it significant, we first stepped into the computer world in a way that hadn't been done before. That film was Walt Disney's Tron. For those that don't remember the original Tron, it is just 5 days after the 4th. AFJ looks back on some of the vintage toys as well as some of the more recent ones in our Top 10 Tron Toys. #endofline #AFJ4LIFE

10. TRON and SARK- POP!
The hero and villain of the original Tron are probably the most recent and easiest to find of all the items on this list. These POP! releases are still out, generally at a Hot Topic. We recommend either the title character or Sark. So cool and a perfect modern nostalgia piece.

9. Kingdom Hearts Tron (Space Paranoids)
Kingdom Hearts Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy Funko Pop! Vinyl figures were based on their variations from the in-game Tron world "Space Paranoids". This "Funko Kingdom Hearts Box" was exclusive to GameStop (in 2017). The Funko Kingdom Hearts Box includes the Tron (Space Paranoids) Sora, Donald, and Goofy Funko Pop! Vinyl 3-pack, as well as two Kingdom Hearts Mystery Mini blind boxes. The original three-pack set ran for $29.99. 

8. The Recognizer Playset
Next, to the Light Cycles, it is probably the most recognizable vehicle from the original film. Why there isn’t a full scale one for the figures is beyond us. Perhaps if Tron Legacy breaks all kinds of records we will see this in a second wave of toys. This one might be a playset but it is as close to Recognizer as we are going to get.

7. Kevin Flynn Light Cycle
It does have a lot more bells and whistles than the original Light Cycles. Its significance in the film is yet to be seen (at press time). Admit it; out of all the Tron Legacy toys this one draws your attention immediately.

6. Tron Legacy SDCC Exclusives
Spin Master toys released two Tron Legacy exclusives this year at Comic Con. The first was a die cast Tron Light Cycle (limited to 3000). Their other exclusive was a Tron Light Rider Figure (limited to 1500). Both were rare at Comic Con but the Tron Light Rider (on the left) portrays a key moment from the original film.

5. Tron Light Cycle with Exclusive Sark Action Figure
In 2002 NECA reissued these Tron Light Cycles and figures identical to the original 1982 toy line for the 20th anniversary of the Tron movie. The red Light Cycles come with Exclusive Sark figure. The downside was Sark came in Purple, not Red. The individual figure was made in red. Limited Edition of 5,000 were made.

4. Tron Legacy: Deluxe Clu Figure
Jeff Bridges as Clu, by Spin Master, is just too good to pass up. After all it does have a moving/ talking face! How many other action figures actually have that? Hopefully, after this movie rocks the theaters Disney will release some original Tron movie figures.

3. Tron Legacy: Identity Disk(s)
Who didn’t take their Frisbee outside and use it as their identity disc after seeing the first Tron? Now there are two officials ones to pick from! The Deluxe version (on left) is completely badass. It makes noise, lights up and is cool as hell. The price seems like a bit much but they are capable of flight.

2. The Original Tron Light Cycle
The original Light Cycles from TOMY Toys are highly sought after collectibles. Mint condition cycles sell for a pretty penny because these toys were played with hard. A hard plastic pull string was inserted and then quickly pulled like a lawn mower pulley. Then as if at the speed of light the Light Cycle took off.

1. The Original Tron Figures
They are littered everywhere at comic cons and toy shows. They are always beat up and chipped. Mint condition, carded figures are easily found on eBay for more than you really want to spend. These figures are classics from the eighties and easily the number one Tron toys to possess.

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