AFJ’S Top 10 V For Vendetta Collectibles

“Remember, remember the 5th of November”. Whether it be the comic by Alan Moore or the 2006 film by James McTeigue, V For Vendetta has cemented itself in pop culture. Since it is the 5th of November, AFJ decided to tackle the monumental task of selecting 10 collectibles that we felt were it for V for Vendetta. What we discovered we a few new collectibles that we didn’t know existed and one that simply blew us away. #AFJ4LIFE

***Disclaimer*** The majority of these items do not come cheap!

10. Wacky Wobbler V For Vendetta
Released by Funko, this bobblehead seems like the perfect piece of anarchy for your desk. The likeness and kitschiness coincide with one another perfectly. The downside, they are now on the pricey side. 

9. V For Vendetta Mask Silicone Baking Tray
This is one of the aforementioned items we did not know existed. Yes, it is for baking a cake, however, what better way to celebrate the holiday or for the centerpiece of a viewing party that a V mask cake? Try the secondary market for these or toy shows. 

8. V for Vendetta 10 Vinyl Figure Pop Funko
Unless you are a super fan of either V for Vendetta or Funko’s Pops, in general, you probably didn’t realize that there was one. A sweet addition to the collection if you can find one. Amazon has them for $50+ right now, which is too bad.

7. V for Vendetta Deluxe Collector Set (Paperback)
DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. do this from time to time with their crossover properties. 
This one, in particular, really works well. I would rank it number one in the line, right behind the Batman Court of Owls set.

6. NECA V for Vendetta Dagger Prop Replica
Ideally six of these, in a belt, would make a grander display, but let us not go too crazy here. The dagger prop replica measures 15 1/2-inches long and comes in a beautiful shadowbox, which is perfect for displaying. These were limited to 1,500 pieces.

5. NECA V for Vendetta V 12 Resin Statue
NECA has produced several of these 12-inch statues and V’s likeness is one of the best. True it ranks, the top 5 for our list, and that is because the cape is actually hard plastic and not the cloth. Still a great piece for any collection, but one that you will now have to find on the secondary market.


Oh, DC Direct, when you are really excited for a project you nail it. This is 1/6 scale V is utterly fantastic and one for the true collector. The box is great for displaying too if you are shy on removing it from its packaging. The whole 1/6 scale from this era of DC Direct is worth picking up (Dr. Manhattan, The Green Lantern, and Rorschach)

3. V for Vendetta Movie Mask Replica (Limited Edition)
Now we have the cheaper version, higher up on the list, but for the real fan this one, from DC Collectibles is the one display. This was a limited edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain replica that measured approximately 10.5" high x 6.5" wide x 7”. We also love the  sculpted base.

2. Toys Power 1/6 V for Vendetta V masked Man Collectible Action Figure DIY
This is the one that hit us out of nowhere. Being that we are an action figure site, we had never heard of Toys Power, let alone knew that a new V For Vendetta figure was released in 2014. This has Sideshow and Hot Toys quality to it (based on the picture). We are still researching this one Junkies, but it certainly is pretty. Here is Toys Powers Facebook Page and gallery for V.

1. V for Vendetta 7" Action Figure Removable Hat 6 Daggers
Yes, the Reel Toys Neca 2006 V for Vendetta takes the cake. From the first moment we saw it (out at an FYE) there was no hesitation. He went up on display (still in the package) and there he sits. Which is good because on feeBay he is going for over $60.

Remember, remember the 5th of November Junkies!!!

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