The Dark Universe is now upon us. Despite lackluster reviews of The Mummy 2017, Universal Studio has already put into motion their own version of the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe, but sticking to characters they already have in their stable, the Universal Monsters. We already have the Bride of Frankenstein and the Invisible Man slated for release, but producer Alex Kurtzman has made some notions that the Wolfman might be the next film to get a star and a release date. We thought we would get a head start and give you our list of the Top 10 Wolfman (or is it Wolf Man?) Figures that made us howl at the moon. Bear in mind junkies some of these bad boys are out of print from defunct companies. You know what that means, mucho dinero!  Happy hunting! #AFJ4Life

10. Voolvif Monn
He is on screen for a moment but if you squint hard enough you’ll see Voolvif Monn at the battle of Geonosis during Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones. However, his full appearance was made during the first Clone Wars cartoon by Genndy Tartakovsky. The original Star Wars Wolfman, Lak Sivrak, almost made the list but he doesn’t come with a lightsaber.

9. Wolfman
From NECA’s Nightmare Before Christmas Series 3 comes the Wolfman. Not just any Wolfman but one that sings and dances. Tim Burton placed this classic movie monster in his assortment of Halloween Town characters solidifying that another generation will know about the Wolfman. It is also a figure worth displaying for two different holidays.

8. Man-wolf
The son of a newspaperman and once mayor of New York City, J. Jonah Jameson was an astronaut that journeyed into space and kept coming back with all kinds of problems. His transformation into a Werewolf was not only unique for the Marvel Universe (read full bio here) but for Werewolves in general. Mix that with a daddy that hates Spider-Man and you have a classic villain for old Web Head. This figure was released in the United Kingdom.

7. Werewolf by Night
The “classic” movie monsters have been given their due in the Marvel Universe both in comics and now in action figures. The Marvel Legends Monster Box Set features only four of them, sans the Living Mummy. This is the only way to get Jack Russell (see bio here) in his cursed form.

6. Werewolf
From the movie, Dog Soldiers (2002) comes the Werewolf. The figure is incredible but up until seeing this figure, I never even heard of this movie directed by Neil Marshall (Doomsday) and starring Kevin McKidd (Rome). The figure was from the third Now Playing Series by Sota Toys. Again, an incredible figure and one that has prompted me to buy the film from Shout! Factory.

5. Teen Wolf
I found this incredible figure on Though the jersey is not accurate I have nothing else to complain about. I never thought there would be an action figure of Michael J. Fox as Teen Wolf playing basketball!

4. Werewolf of London
Sideshow Collectibles, of course, has outdone themselves with this relatively unknown horror classic. Henry Hull is the "Werewolf of London" here looking completely dapper in his evening wear. This earlier Wolfman film came in 1935 with less hairy make-up devised by the legendry Jack Pierce. I think it is time to rediscover this early Wolfman film; if anything to witness Pierce’s incredible make-up.

3. American Werewolf in London
Again Sota Toys make this list with their two-pack rendition of the modern horror comedy classic. Not only do you get David Naughton as the Werewolf but Griffin Dunne as the torn to shreds Jack too. If only there would have been more than one Jack figure in his various levels of decomposition. Still they are both must have Wolfman figures.

2. The Wolfman
There are several different versions of Benicio Del Toro’s Lawrence Talbot Wolfman in action figure form. The one and only, for this Junkie, is the 12 inch bloody variant from Mezco Toyz. Big, bad, bloody, beautiful and it just falls short out of the number one spot.

1. The Wolf Man
Several years ago Sideshow Collectibles put out the Silver Screen Edition of all the Universal Classic Movie Monsters. They would put out color renditions as well but the black and white versions are the ones that the true fan wants. Complete with stand, wolf heads cane and that classic Universal appeal easily makes this the number one Wolfman figure out there. This figure is a true classic and one to howl at the moon about (seen here on Amazon).

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