Since the Secret Wars are about to shake up the Marvel Universe again, we here at Action Figure Junkies thought it was time to look back at our favorite action figures from the original toy line. Excelsior! Daredevil, all right, I’ll admit it. The first Marvel action figure I ever had was Daredevil from Mattel’s Secret Wars line. There isn’t any shame in that it’s just that later I would learn that Daredevil never even fought in the Secret Wars. From 1984 to 1985 Mattel released a series of action figures based on the groundbreaking mini-series. It wasn’t groundbreaking because of its plot or some big revelation. It broke ground in the Marvel Universe because it had never been done before. One huge battle royal took place between the good guys and bad guys of the Marvel Universe. The whole thing was arranged by a new character called the Beyonder. His prize for the victor was their heart’s desire. The original Secret Wars has sent ripples through the Marvel Universe to this very day; Spider-Man’s black costume perhaps being the biggest one of all. The action figure line allowed kids and collectors their first chance to have Spider-Man, Captain America, Magneto and the like in something other than a MEGO doll. The line also brought out vehicles, playsets, Walkie Talkies and so on. After the initial run and the boom of the Super Powers Collection from Marvel’s rival D.C. Comics, the Mattel line died quietly releasing figures only outside of North America. With no cartoon to support these characters, like the Super Powers, the line eventually went to the discount racks. The entire Secret Wars line encompassed only sixteen figures. A top ten list would be more like which are the six worst figures. If you get right down to it these figures were a first for many of the characters. For some, until recently, it would be their only time in action figure form.

5. ConstrictorConstrictorSWYeah, the Constrictor, well before he joined the Avengers Initiative he fought… wait a second, was the Constrictor even in the Secret Wars? There are several figures that were made but didn’t have characters appear in the Secret Wars comic. The Constrictor makes the list in hindsight because there never was a Constrictor figure until recently. Frank Payne, we salute you!

4. Captain AmericaCaptAmericaSWCaptain America was the chosen leader of the heroes and rightfully so. Captain America was the figure you had to have. Plus he was the only one that made having the holographic shield make any sense. Right down to his sculpt, he may have been the only figure in the line that was perfect in every way.

3. Iron ManIronmanSWAll right, sure, it is not the proper Iron Man on the holographic shield that was actually in the Secret Wars (poor Rhodey), but this figure had it all. A unique head and torso and he didn’t even need to have the gun he came with. He was Iron Man for Beyonder’s sake. He could fly, deliver a blast from his hand, whatever you could imagine; the perfect action figure.

2. Hobgoblin
HOBGOBLIN-SW5Here is another figure whose character did not appear in or at the Secret Wars. At the time the Hobgoblin was chewing up the pages in all of the Spider-Man comics. An action figure only made sense. Now there is the whole controversy as to his real identity (‘ahem’ Ned Leeds) however outside of Iron Man’s suit no other Secret Wars figure came with his own vehicle. The goblin glider easily places him on the list. His completely unique sculpt and cape don’t hurt either.

1. Doctor Doom
Hands down the best figure in the line is Doctor Doom. He ruled the Secret Wars and should have come out on top. His figure lacks only one thing, a cape. Doom had two weapons, his Doom Armor and if you had another Doom you could always claim him as a Doom Bot. Plus who knew what sinister device Doom had concealed in his armor? Doom also had the Doom Cycle, Doom Chopper, Doom Roller, Doom Star and of course the Tower of Doom. All hail Doom! Do you have a favorite Secret Wars action figure? Give us your’s and a reason below!


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