In the world of toys there are always two; a Yin and a Yang. What is Optimus Prime without Megatron? We can’t have G.I. Joe without Cobra, right? What if we would really square off some of these toys in a battle to the death? Who would come out on top and who would fall? Let us not only look at their world but ours as well in "AFJ's Versus: The Yin and Yang of Toys".

Thunderhawk VS Switchblade

Thunderhawk VS Switchblade

Their World: Hands down it would be Switchblade. It is both an attack helicopter and a jet. Whereas Thunderhawk is sometimes a Chevrolet Camaro. A quick fly by and Matt Trakker is toast.

Our World: Thunderhawk emerges the winner. Switchblade was dropped all too often or launched into the stratosphere. This, of course, would lead to a damaged un-transformable toy. Thunderhawk just keeps rolling on to victory. 

Battle Cat VS Panthor

Battle Cat VS Panthor

Their World: If Panthor did anything other then lay around he could get to Battle Cat when he is Cringer. That never happened, giving Battle Cat the upper hand with all of his fighting experience.

Our World: Panthor might feel nice to touch but, he lacks any kind of protective head gear. All Battle Cat needs is a couple of jabs and Panthor is finished.

The X-Wing VS the TIE Fighter

The X-Wing VS The TIE Fighter

Their World: The X-Wing has the ability to jump into hyperspace, the TIE Fighters cannot. This allows the rebels to get away and fight another day. Head to head both equally maneuverable but the TIE’s gigantic wings make it an easy target.

Our World: The X-Wing had its S-foils to move up and down, which never broke. The TIE, on the other hand, had wings that popped off causing them to hit the ground and break. The X-Wing was always in one piece and still flying strong.

Optimus Prime VS Megatron Optimus Prime VS Megatron

Their World: Megatron hands down wins the contest. His one arm is a gun and Prime in nothing more than a truck. “One shall stand and one shall fall”, which is true Prime because without the love of your fans you are never going to get back up.

Our World: The first Megatron had to be the worst Transformer ever. Whereas Prime was probably one of the best. Once you transformed Megatron all he could do was lay there until someone picked him up. His robot mode was also super flimsy. Prime had a command center, firing rockets, and let’s not forget Roller!

The Skystriker VS the Rattler

The Skystriker VS the Rattler

Their World: The Skystriker did have the speed but Cobra Rattlers were built to give beatings. The Rattler’s arsenal outweighed that of the Skystriker; clearly making it the victor.

Our World: There is no such jet as the Cobra Rattler, in our world. It is based on the A-10 Thunderbolt II, which is not a jump jet. Those engines would rip its wings right off. The Skystriker is a Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat and very real. The Skystriker for the win.

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