Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. concluded its third season with a two hour finale although each hour had a separate title because, well, advertising revenue rules!  This season of AOS felt like running a marathon.  You’ll be able to look back fondly later but for now you’re just happy it’s over.  Now don’t take that as a harsh criticism.  I liked season three.  But I think concentrating on the Inhumans and HIVE for basically the entire season wasn’t the best strategy.


One plot device that is overused in most superhero TV shows is that of the guilt-ridden hero.  Arrow has made an art of it.  But Daisy is not to be outdone.  Despite the fact that she was under Hive’s powerful influence she spends the bulk of the first hour feeling sorry for herself as Coulston keeps her isolated for her own safety.  I wanted to scream “Get over it!” but you know, the wife was in bed already… 
It’s interesting that both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow used essentially the same plot for their season finales with the villain gaining access to nukes.  Did DC and Marvel have a cross-company meeting or something?  While the team is able to gain control of the weapons, Hive is still able to control one warhead (and again much the same as what happened on Arrow last week) which he plans to use to release Radcliffes formula over a wide area to turn humans into the Inhuman primitives.
The action dragged in spots over the two hours.  The fact that the two-parter had separate Directors led to a lack of cohesiveness.  While Fitz and Lincoln had a lot to do, Simmons was mostly relegated to the bench.  John Hannah provided some energetic moments of humor and it looks like he will be kept around going into next season and that is a definite plus.
While Daisy did get free for a showdown with Hive, in the end it was not her who ended up floating in a craft in space but Lincoln.  And as he left, with Hive on board in what would be a trip with no return, he shared some overly sappy moments with Daisy.  Considering their often contentious relationship this came off laughably forced and artificial.  However, the final scenes with Lincoln and Hive were fantastic.  The pair, knowing their fates were sealed, shared a moment with far more natural emotion than between Lincoln and Daisy.  The final scene jumps ahead six months in the future with Daisy having gone rogue and on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Radcliffe building an LMD (Life Model Decoy).
With Marvel removing the InHumans from their film schedule it looks as though AOS is also putting them to bed.  Most of the InHumans: Hive, Lincoln, Lash, Giyera, and several others are dead.  With Hydra apparently destroyed it’s a great chance for the series to go in different directions next season.
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