Written by Tim Janson

“Failed Experiments” was a vast improvement over last week’s unfocused episode.  While it was a little slow to get up to speed it finished with a definite rush. 
Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah) is attempting to turn humans into Inhumans.  For this Hive uses three Hydra leader “volunteers” who are the very definition of disposable characters since I don’t think they even had a line of dialog.  The experiment goes horribly awry and Hannah determines that in order to work he needs actual Kree blood.
After picking up Daisy on a radar image Coulson sends in a team led by Mack and May to attempt to rescue her, knowing it could be a trap.  That mysterious Kree artifact turns out to be a beacon to summon the aliens.  Sure enough, two Kree reapers come crashing to Earth, intent on killing Hive and any other Inhumans they encounter.  One actually kills Alisha Whitley but is then killed by Daisy who uses her powers to snap his spine. 
Radcliffe starts to siphon out the Kree’s blood but before he can finish, Mack arrives and destroys the alien’s body, rendering it useless.  Meanwhile the other Reaper battles Hive and is also killed.  Daisy nearly kills Mack before May shoots her, allowing them the opportunity to be evacuated from the scene.  Guilty over allowing the Kree’s body to be destroyed, Daisy offers her own Kree-infused blood to Hive so Radcliffe’s efforts can continue.
While I generally enjoyed “Failed Experiments” it wasn’t without its issues.  To say the appearance of the Kree was…underwhelming would be an incredible understatement.  I mean, couldn’t they have found a couple of guys who were less doughy looking?  They looked like a couple of ex-NFL lineman ten years into retirement.  If nothing else, however, we have a better idea of Hive’s powers.
The interaction between Mack and Daisy was the strongest point this week.  Mack was desperately trying to reach past Hive’s mind influence and connect with his friend.  But Hive’s influence is not unlike a powerful addiction.  Daisy is convinced that trying to turn her friends into InHumans is the right thing to do, and she beat Mack to a bloody pulp in order to prove it.
Now one interesting note this week was that Marvel/Disney removed the planned InHumans film off its release schedule and did so with little fanfare.  If the film is being dropped…and it certainly appears that way…I would think the InHumans storyline would be wrapping up in short order.
The Kree appearance was less than impressive but this episode was more focused and featured some great scenes between Mack and Daisy.
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