By Roshawn Rochester

The episode starts off with [Melinda] May and [Andrew] Garner on the beach as the two reconcile and plan to start anew. Once the two get back to civilization, Andrew starts working with Coulson on trying to find out what other secrets may lay within the realm of the Inhumans by reviewing all of Jiaying’s (Daisy Johnsons’ birth mother and now deceased leader of the Inhumans) personal effects. He opens what seems to be a diary and is sprayed with Terrigen Mists and solidifies immediately.


Andrew is walking with Coulson and Daisy as they are going back and forth between what they think is the right way to deal with the rising Inhuman population. Andrew sides with Coulson and thinks that not everyone deserves a chance because they could hurt someone or themselves. Coulson wants to believe that he can help but he needs Daisy to win over Rosalyn. Andrew agrees to that as well but snidely adds that they should produce a successful Inhuman case that is not an extreme, as in between Daisy and Lash.

We overhear Mack on the phone, he doesn’t understand why the person on the other end called him of all people. Jemma and Fitz are becoming more and more awkward since Fitz talked to Hunter. She keeps on him about where she was stranded and he seems more hesitant. Still, she smiles and acts like nothing is wrong. Agent May is now on her way back from her “successful” mission but is having flashbacks to what Werner told her of Andrew. In a surprise twist, Bobbi reveals that Werner went comatose (so he’s NOT dead?) which would play to the fact that May hasn’t told her what happened with Andrew. May is completely sidetracked with what she found out but is brought back into the conversation when Bobbi reveals that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been trying to track Lash for weeks.


May has now taken it upon herself to verify what Werner told her and once she’s convinced, she makes a b-line for Andrew. Daisy lets May know that Andrew is off-site at another training facility but is already in the thick of it. He’s assessing Joey Gutierrez, but has day dreams of turning into Lash and killing him. Bobbi and Hunter reconnect already making plans to head after Ward again but does not want to but he keeps trying to make a case to continue. She finally gets him to agree when she tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

Rosalyn makes her way aboard the hellicarrier and doesn’t seem too pleased that Daisy will be her escort. Meanwhile, Fitz is investigating Jemma’s phone and is maybe two minutes into it before he gets frustrated that she was with Will. He snaps out of it once he hears her voice on a recording she made for him. Joey is now telling Dr. Garner that he feels empowered now. He’s excited that his powers work the way they do. Andrew looks to be getting a little upset when, all of a sudden, May bursts in with guards trailing behind her telling  everyone to get out before telling Andrew they need to talk.

It is revealed that the other person on the other end of the phone with Mack is Lincoln. They are meeting up and Lincoln reveals that Lash is working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and that he has proof. Daisy is showing Rosalyn that there are other ways to contain Inhumans and help them. Rosalyn is defiant and says that time isn’t always a luxury and Daisy accuses her of being afraid of Inhumans. Rosalyn doesn’t deny it. She is scared because of the amount of power any one Inhuman can possess. And all it takes is someone with bad intentions to be a problem. They’re arguing when Rosalyn makes the point that “For every Daisy Johnson, there’s a Lash.” May is now confronting Andrew on what he is but he is playing dumb. She gives him more than enough chances to come clean but she’s pleading with him now, BEGGING for him to tell her the truth. Once he is caught and she pushes him too far, he ices her and he immediately regrets it.

CAP3Fitz is still listening to all of Jemma’s recordings. He’s getting more interested as the recordings go on. She’s talking about how she wishes they went out and how she regrets not trying before she was transported. May wakes up chained to an engine and Andrew is at her side. He is trying to explain what happened but he’s faltering so May tries to break free and he gets upset. Explaining that he doesn’t know what he’ll do if instinct takes over, he gives her his origin story. We see him come out of the cocoon and his new powers caused him to lash out against other Inhumans. He reveals that he still loves her and needs her help. Coulson and Rosalyn are talking about Daisy and how she has a fire to her. While trying to help Phil with his tie, he reveals that he feels the pain of his lost hand every day and it almost becomes a moment before Daisy interrupts.

Lincoln and Mack have arrived and Lincoln drops a huge bomb on the team explaining about Jiaying’s ledger and the whole team finally puts it together. Everyone starts to scramble as Lincoln explains that his transformation to Lash will soon become permanent. May and Andrew are talking about what he would have done if she had not shown up. He tries to rationalize his actions by comparing them to when she killed the little Inhuman girl in Bahrain. May is beside herself as she sees the man she’s loved for so many years become a stranger and tries to relate to her and reminisces about their first apartment. She’s crying and he’s trying to console her and says he is still the same man and they kiss.


Coulson walks in and reveals that he is not alone. Daisy and Mack are moving into position while Rosalyn is telling her team to follow Coulson on this mission. Andrew is still trying to convince everyone that what he’s doing is the right thing. Lincoln is beyond upset and is looking to take matters into his own hands. Andrew changes into Lash in order to kill Lincoln. He fires back with a bolt of electricity. Phil is trying to capture Lash so everyone is on strict orders to use non-lethal force. He starts going through most of the team. Mack, Daisy…members of the ATCU. All are down before Rosalyn tries to bring him down by herself but she is not successful.

Lash picks her up by her neck and holds her over the edge of the buldings’ wall, directly above the lobby. He drops her as Phil reaches the side and Daisy saves her by using her powers to float her down more gently. Rosalyn is grateful but Lash is out of sight but Lincoln has him in his sights and is going to direct him to the containment unit. He immediately gets more than he asked for and May tries to save Lincoln by appealing to Andrews’ human side. She catches him with his guard down and unloads her gun into his chest sending him shooting back into the Inhuman containment cell.


Fitz has a breakthrough with Jemma’s request that the symbol from the chamber where they rescued Jemma is also on Will’s (the astronaut) patch. He theorizes that the same group that created he chamber could be the same group that sent him into the portal. Mack is now talking to Lincoln about sticking around and Lincoln agrees. Rosalyn tells May that they can put him into the cryo-gel and that it can slow his transformation. May asks Daisy what she would do and she says she would use the cryo-gel to save him. Fitz tells Jemma what he’s found and how he listened to her recordings and tells him that she meant everything she said. The pair watch the sunrise together and soon May is now on a plane, having flashbacks about her time in Hawaii with Andrew. She never thought she deserved the happiness that he gave her. The two kiss as May stops daydreaming as he wipes a tear from her cheek.

The emotions were at an all-time high as the team had to try and track down a member of their family and bring him in. This was a crazy, emotional episode and the story was a nice end to the Lash story arc but I feel like it came to a close too soon. What I mean by that is Lash is taken into custody the same episode that he’s confronted about his secret. As efficient as they are, S.H.I.E.L.D. has never been as lucky as they have been this episode. Because of that, I felt it ended too quickly and everything was resolved too easily. It left me wanting more but in a “life is never that easy” kind of way. Even though it was a good episode, I’d have to give it 3 out of 5 stars. It IS good, but I felt that Lash being contained that quickly was a little over the top, even for a comic book show.