Written by Tim Janson

Do you sometimes try to go to sleep but you have all sorts of thoughts start racing through your mind one after another like random edits from your life?  That’s exactly how “The Singularity” felt to me…like a random series of disjointed events, and it was just as annoying as not being able to slip quietly into la-la land.

The team manages to escape the base after the damage Daisy caused.  Coulson believes that Daisy still has some control as she could have completely destroyed the based had she wanted.  Fitz and Simmons, in between their painfully awkward flirtations with each other, go undercover as scientists to try and meet with transhumanist Holden Radcliffe (guest-star John Hannah).  Radcliffe conducts experiments in the improvement of humanity through enhancement (such as Deathlok), and whose studies of parasites could help with counteracting Hive's abilities.  While I love John Hannah he isn’t given a whole lot to do here.

Meanwhile Hive and Daisy have recruited the duplicating Inhuman Alisha Whitley to their cause.  They also return to see Lincoln’s friend James, whom they got the Kree artifact from a few episodes ago.  James is given his Inhuman powers which allows him to cause items to burst into flame like bombs.  Also it is revealed that James had a second, companion Kree artifact hidden under his home.  Together the two items are the only things that can destroy Hive.

Daisy encounters Fitz, warning him not to keep coming for her and then tossing him into a wall.  Simmons meets Hive and likewise survives, but haunted when he speaks to her in Wil Daniels’ memories.  And using the intel garnered from the late Gideon Malick, General Talbot launches an operation that completely dismantles Hydra…just like that.

The destruction of Hydra, although we have to assume some remnants must remain, came off as glaringly easy and I think that is the point.  While people are going to say this was contrived considering Hydra’s long existence it signals, perhaps, a shift away from that entity as the main antagonists in the series.  I doubt we’ve seen the last of Hydra but for now this allows the writers to move them to the back burner and bring in new elements and for that I applaud the show.

Still, as I mentioned in my opening, this episode was all over the map.  It was a chaotic spray of random events and plot lines.  It jumped from scene to scene so quickly it scarcely gave you time to ingest what was happening before moving on.  I do like the way that Daisy is being handled.  She’s not like a mind-controlled zombie doing hive’s bidding without emotion and that actually makes her much more terrifying.

“The Singularity” was a chaotic, disjointed episode that had some good individual scenes but as a whole it just didn’t work well.
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