Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Uprising” Review

Agents of SHIELD Season Four, Episode #3 “Uprising”

My biggest issue with Agents of SHIELD throughout its three plus year run has been the annoying lack of consistency. After two solid episodes to start the season which introduced Ghost Rider and Jeffrey Mace (i.e. The Patriot) as the new Director of SHIELD, we get an episode like “Uprising” that is essentially a throwaway and does nothing to further the overall direction of the new season.

The Inhuman, Yoyo, is at a party at a high rise building in Miami when the city is hit by a blackout. The cause of the blackout was an EMP weapon and a group claiming to be the Inhuman resistance, fighting the registration of Inhumans, take responsibility. In Los Angeles, Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider) and Daisy are caught in a similar blackout. Reyes explains that his uncle was responsible for the explosion at the energy facility that apparently created the ghosts, and believes that atoning for his sins will pay his debt to the Devil, ridding Reyes of the Ghost Rider curse.shield

Coulson, Mack, and Fitz are sent to Miami to rescue Yoyo where she and the other party guests are being held by the Inhuman-hating Watchdogs. Meanwhile, Simmons takes Agent May to the home of Holden Radcliff in the hopes that she can cure May who is dying after being touched by one of the non-corporeal entities created by the explosion at the energy plant. We discover that the person behind the Watchdogs and the attacks on the Inhumans is Senator Rota Nadeer, whose brother died during the Inhuman terrigenesis process.

The most significant elements to this episode was the reveal of a U.S. Senator behind the attacks on the Inhumans and Mace announcing the re-launch of SHIELD…and both of these events took place in the last five minutes. The rest was standard action which wasn’t compelling in the least as Couslon, Mack, and Fitz took down a group of Watchdogs while Reyes and Daisy battled a group of looting thugs on the streets of L.A. And as much as they tried to make saving May as dramatic as possible, was there ever any real belief that they would actually kill off her character?

The biggest disappointment is that after establishing Ghost Rider, Jeffrey Mace, and the mysterious entities created during the power plant explosion were back to a sub-plot involving Inhumans and someone trying to kill them. It’s old news. We did this last season. The entire Inhuman introduction into the series was not one of its finer moments. I GET why they did it. ABC/Disney doesn’t have access to use mutants/X-Men so the Inhumans are a stand-in. But the series has revolved around them for far too long now and it’s time to move on to other corners of the Marvel Universe that are available to utilize. The Inhumans film has been canceled so I see no reason to tarry on them any longer.

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