Junkies, today is the fifth of the month, a dark day for us, but one in which we remember our founder Jarrett Kruse. We have a special letter from his mother Dianne to all of you. We also included a stand up routine we found of Jarrett at the Gotham Comedy Club from 2007. Today as we remember him, we thought it would be great if he could make you laugh as you enjoy his creation, Action Figure Junkies. #ALLFORJARRETT

To the AFJ Family,

When I look back at the past five months, most of those days were a blur. Jarrett’s (Captain Junkie...Head Junkie in Charge) passing has left Papa Junkie, Jason, and I with an emptiness that every one of you who are parents can’t even imagine. But as I have been told by many grief professionals, the sun will come up each day and will set each night regardless of how we feel.  Stephanie (MJ’s wife) summed it up by saying that our children are our hearts, outside of our bodies.  This was one of the most profound messages I have ever heard… and the truest!  Thank you Stephanie for that comment.  I say it everyday to anyone who will listen.  So I would like to tell all of you that the only things that are keeping Papa Junkie and I going are as follows:  YOU ...the ones who will NEVER FORGET Jarrett. YOU... the ones who have kept the kind words and thoughts and prayers coming to us and YOU ...the ones who are keeping AFJ alive so that Jarrett’s life and legacy will live on and be fulfilled.  No matter what happens in the Junkie Universe I know those of you who knew him, met him, saw him on the site, and even those of you who learned about him after his passing, know that besides his family and close friends, YOU WERE HIS LIFE... YOU KEPT HIM GOING, YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE FOR HIM. He died doing what he loved, knowing that YOU would keep AFJ going and growing. He left it in your hands and hearts. He knew YOU would not let his work be in vain. YOU will keep it alive. Though our lives will never be the same, I watch MJ, STEPHANIE, BOB, EVAN, JASON K., JASON N., DAVE, ROSS, CHRISTINA AND RJ and many others continue to support AFJ and have Jarrett live on through it. Thank you all for your hard work and love.  We feel it everyday. Please keep sending notes and comments to me if you can because I would like to get to know you as well as I can.  It would make ME feel like I am helping to keep Jarrett’s memory alive and to connect with the most important people in his world... YOU! My nephew Bradley wrote me a note for Mother’s Day. He said: Aunt Dianne, I want you to get a license plate for your car that will say AFJ4LIFE. I have decided that I love the idea so thanks Brad! Please know that ALL OF YOU have become a huge part of our life and yes AFJ IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE 4LIFE! And as Stephanie added to the AFJ name... AFJ...All For Jarrett...It’s what keeps Papa Junkie and I going each day. So as I sign off on this fifth month anniversary of Jarrett’s passing I want each and every one of you to know that we appreciate all of your kindness and love. Till next month... I send love and thanks...

Always, Mama Junkie

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