Alter Nation – Official Product Reveal – AFJ Exclusive

AFJ is thrilled to have the exclusive product reveal photos* of the new Panda Mony Toys line, Alter Nation! Below you find photos of their characters Sabotage, Albert, Daart, El Ray, Sham, and Quillroy. The Alter Nation figure line will debut at the San Diego Comic-Con this week. The line will be on display at the Diamond Comics Booth #2401. Both Ryan Magnon and Curtis Andersen, from Panda Mony Toys, will be available at the booth to discuss Alter Nation. Sign up for Alter Nation updates HERE (complete with discount codes and immediate access to the eStore and presales!

Panda Mony Toys is having a  “Find Ryan [Magnon] on the Floor” giveaway where if you find him on the show floor he’ll give you an Alter Nation enamel pin. They will also have an opportunity for people to sign up on the mailing list when they find Ryan to get early access to the web store and a discount code for 10% off orders during the presale period.
Discover the details and the world in which these characters live in HERE. Thanks to Ryan, Curtis, and Panda Mony Toys for supplying us with this exclusive reveal! #AFJ4LIFE #TheyHideHybrids

Alter Nation (L to R) - Sabotage, Albert VII, Daart, El Ray, Sham, and Quillroy
*Final product may vary from what is shown.
Alter Nation (L to R) - Albert VII, El Ray, and Sham
Alter Nation - Albert VII
Alter Nation - Sham
Alter Nation - Sabotage
Alter Nation - Quillroy
Alter Nation - Daart
Alter Nation - Daart (additional photos)
FYI, Daart is an action figure collector too and comes with his own Iron Stomach action figure!

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