Collider has reported that Andrew Lincoln will exit AMC's The Walking Dead. Season 9 will feature a handful of episodes starring the British actor and then he will be gone. How his character of Rick Grimes will leave the show has not been revealed. See the full story on Collider HERE.

Additional details on Season 9 have revealed that Norman Reedus, who plays the crossbow-wielding Daryl, will take the spotlight in the series going forward. However, Lincoln exiting the series is not only cast member to take a bow. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, will exit as well as she has taken the lead in a new series at ABC titled Whiskey Cavalier.

AFJ'S TAKE: Season 7 of any long-running TV show seems to be the magic number. The Walking Dead certainly has its fan-base (simply visit a Walker Stalker Con), so the numbers may dip with Lincoln and Cohan's departure, but fans of Reedus have long had a mantra of "if Daryl dies we riot" (something of that nature anyway). As a fan of the series, since day 1, my attention and fascination has waned.  Sadly, I have found it better to binge-watch the series. After all how long can Maggie (Cohan) be pregnant? The concept of actual time doesn't really exist as Carl (Chandler Riggs) keeps getting taller, we in the real world live our lives, and 5 minutes have passed in zombieland over the course of 5 episodes.  It will be interesting to see where the series goes with Lincoln out of the storyline. Perhaps it would be better for AMC to wrap up the series with a two-hour movie set in a distant future? Well, we can only wait and see Junkies. #AFJ4LIFE. 

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