Is this your favorite your 90s toy?

Do you even remember this?

According to a Variety report, the JAKKS Pacific toy, Creepy Crawlers, may get made into a movie as Paramount Players acquires the feature film rights. While there are no details of the plot at this time, Variety reported that “the film will be based on the classic toy molds of all sorts of creepy and slimy bugs.”

Creepy Crawlers became popular after ToyMax revived the brand of moldable monsters in the 90s, but eventually ended up discontinued just like the first company to make it. Mattel originally made the toy in 1964, but eventually discontinued it after trying to re-launch it in the late 1970s. The last company to produce Creepy Crawlers is JAKKS Pacific, who took up the product in 2006.

The Creepy Crawlers brand, in the ToyMax era, also spawned a 1994 cartoon produced by Saban Entertainment. The show reached 23 episodes over 2 seasons. After viewing the beginning of the first episode, I’m hoping they start the movie with a musical intro, like the show. Let’s hope this movie doesn’t burn us like the original product.

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