Okay, so it took me longer to procure all of the ANT-MAN goodies I wanted this summer. What with the SDCC Exclusives, the Legends on the pegs and then finally the Walgreens Exclusive, it took a bit to get all my ducks in a row and have it all. Despite AFJ already doing an extensive in detail review of the ANT-MAN MARVEL LEGENDS BAF ULTRON wave here, this time because of the barrage of special ANT-related merchandise, we had to wait for an extra spell to get everything. But I gotta say, it was worth the wait because I am pretty happy with all the bonus ANT-MAN loot that MARVEL put out for us rabid Junkies. So I figured, why not do a "near end of summer ANT-MAN wrap up with all the merchandise in one place." So here goes!


First of all, I love the packaging for this Exclusive SDCC '15 set. It has a giant face of what really could be Dr. Hank Pym or Scott Lang in the ANT-MAN helmet. For some reason, I always thought that ANT-MAN's helmet was one of the coolest in the MARVEL U, probably because it seems imperative for him to shrink or get bigger. Either way, he looks like a badass screaming at you and here's the kicker, it has two sliding antennae on top that you can shift back and forth. Cute touch.


I like that they have the Velcro opening a window box where all of the figures are laid out in size order. From left to right, you've got LEGENDS size MARVEL'S GOLIATH, SUPER DELUXE GIANT-MAN, DR. HANK PYM in a lab coat with an ANT-MAN suit on underneath and lastly there is a super tiny Scott Lang ANT-MAN followed by an even smaller Hank Pym ANT-MAN. All in all, I think it was a real deal at $60


This one is definitely smaller than the MARVEL LEGENDS one of about ten or so years ago. It is just about 6-inches and would fit perfectly in the new ML size packaging. I believe at this phase in GOLIATH's career, he could reach a height of just 25-feet but only for a little while. I like the figure but it looks a little aged for me, like the 70s, 80s-ish. Still, it's a nice enough figure and does have a solid paint job.



This to me is the selling point for this package from the days when GIANT-MAN could reach heights of up to and over 100 feet. So it is a little confusing with the explanation of height when I did the review for the new ML-style GIANT-MAN. But you tend to get that when you deal with the history of Hank Pym and his Pym Particles. It seems that the heights are always going up and down depending on the era. One thing for sure is that at one time, Pym's creations were either really small or super large. Still, I like this 14-inch GIANT-MAN much better than the one in the BAF ULTRON wave. This will also go nicely with the WAL*MART EXCLUSIVE GIANT MEN from about five, six years ago.



The set includes a very cool MU/INFINITE SERIES Hank Pym in his lab coat with his ANT-MAN duds on underneath. It is a pretty standard looking figure with a pretty grim look on his facial sculpt. I think that they should have opened up the jacket a little more just to let us see the ANT-MAN costume underneath just a little bit more. The 3 & 3/4” to 4" figure also comes with an extra ANT-MAN head but it does not make much sense to me since the helmet although alone has a head in it which is just kind of silly. They should have just made it empty so you can be able to put the helmet on the lab-coated doctor anytime you want. Unless you can take off the head and use it as an alternate.



Not much to say about these two little guys except that they are there for decoration and not much else. I guess you can line everything up from smallest to largest or vice versa but really to me, these are just filler to play out the whole ANT-MAN angle.



It is difficult at SDCC when you get to the front of the line because you do not want to miss anything and this item was definitely one of those for me. All it is is a glorified matchbook that opens and inside a super tiny card and the bubble is a movie ANT-MAN figure. Good for kids but really doesn't do much for me as a collector. $5 would have been a better cost but HASBRO knows they have a captive audience ready to spend, spend, spend.



I really happened to like this $20 set because you get a terrific close to a 4" highly detailed ANT-MAN figure. The real treat here though is "Anthony the Flying Ant" who plays a big role in the film. Scott Lang and the little-winged hero become a symbiote of sorts that via the olfactory senses get where they need to go throughout their adventure in the movie. It is actually an interesting partnership and gives kids a nice look at nature via the superhero world. Definitely worth the $20 Junkies.



I already gave this figure a smashing write up because it is a perfect replica from the film. It even comes with a supermini YELLOWJACKET and additional mini ANT-MAN along with a good sized flying ant. Not quite Anthony sized but pretty big. Overall, I absolutely love what they did with the ANT-MAN costume not going for overkill or too much in any way. However, as much as I love the ANT-MAN LEGENDS figure, the MARVEL SELECT ANT-MAN is the figure that topped even this ANT-MAN!



I find that MARVEL SELECT figures get a lot of flack because they stand in the shadow of the uber-popular MARVEL LEGENDS. The SELECT figures do not have waves and we're lucky if we get maybe six new figures a year. And most of those are usually surrounded by a tentpole movie that DISNEY/MARVEL is releasing. Standing at close to 8-inches tall, the MARVEL SELECT ANT-MAN is the ROLLS ROYCE of ANT-MAN FIGURES. Some collectors scoff at the size of the SELECT package but I happen to still love it despite its size. As much as I thought they nailed the ANT-MAN details on the LEGENDS figure, the SELECT figure manages to outdo it. Every detail on the suit is perfect and so is the helmet which can easily be attached to Scott's head. The likeness of actor Paul Rudd as con man slash budding superhero is probably the most exact I have yet to see on a SELECT figure. It is dead on. On top of that, we also two bonus sets of gloved hands as well as a mini-ANT-MAN that is clearly the best of the supermini ANT-MEN available.



This is the first figure of Eric O'Grady, THE IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN to ever be made and it has been a must-have this summer at Walgreens since the San Diego Comic-Con ended in July. While THE IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN lasted just a scant 12 issues, it was a hit amongst fans and critics alike. So O'Grady has continued to make an appearance throughout the 20-teens. Eric's powers while wearing the ANT-MAN armor give him the usual powers of the hero, O'Grady also has two robotic arms he can release when he is shrunk slowing him to use the armors main mode of movement that can be used as a jetpack to spew flames at enemies. By the time he joined the SECRET AVENGERS, even more, accouterments were added to the suit to make it more formidable.



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