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Arrow S04 EP01 “Green Arrow” Review

By Roshawn Rochester

This episode was INSANE with action! It was a good story and played up to the mythos of Green Arrow. Not to play down the drama with the show but the action in this episode far outweighed it. The opening action scene that took place with Thea, Laurel, and Diggle trying to protect the Kord Industries truck was brilliant! It just goes to show that, even though you think you may have everything covered, you should always expect the unexpected. Then there was the siege on the city’s leadership, the Ghosts’ hideout takedown, and the fight on the train. All were exceptional. I can definitely say that Arrow’s choreography team has never let me down and I am glad to keep that in good standing.

To the drama aspect, they had a lot going on. With Diggle and Oliver’s relationship, you can always hope things get better and that people understand. In this case, it may be the mid-season break before they make any real headway on their relationship, but it looks like they will still be working together in the interim. Speaking of relationships, the whole Oliver and Felicity thing has really blossomed in the six months they’ve been out of Star City. I know people have been waiting for it a long time, but the whole suburban life story feels too forced to me. Like the head cheerleader and captain of the football team dating because it’s expected. Having them back with the team makes their relationship feel more natural. Weird, I know. But that’s how I’ve always seen them.
The duo of Thea and Laurel I think REALLY helped the show. The two of them together in the opening scene got my heart racing! I liked to see more of them fighting together and showing that the guys aren’t always needed. Maybe an episode titled ‘A Woman’s’ Touch’? Or a Birds of Prey type episode where the guys are off on a chase around the world and Felicity pretty much has to play Oracle. Just a though, but more of a sidebar.

Another thing I loved about this episode was all of the cameos. Ted Kord, Hal Jordan, and even Zoom were mentioned by the end of the episode. Even if only by name, it was pretty cool to see that DC was trying to show the fans some love. I’m personally hoping they try to bring another Blue Devil cameo around.

The thing that really moved me with this episode is how they are playing up Damien Darhk. I wasn’t expecting them to go mystic off the bat with him. It was a really good twist. And for him to have already turned Detective Lance, I would have to say that was the biggest shocker yet. Now I know his moral compass hasn’t always been set to black or white, but this was a shock for the character. When you see a turn like that in a show, it usually means that character will die in an act of heroism. Basically stating that they didn’t like what they were doing but died doing the right thing. I’m hoping that the Captain makes it out alive, though.

The ONLY problem I had with this episode was Diggle’s use of a non-lethal weapon on Damien Darhk. I just don’t understand why you’d kill all the henchmen and leave the leader alive. It just baffles me that they took the time to show Diggle using some weird dart tipped projectile instead of a bullet. I’m going throw this out there and HOPE that it doesn’t mean that Diggle has been compromised because of what happened last season. Maybe he’s working with Darhk but doesn’t know the connection between him and Hive? I don’t know. That one shot just really threw me off with this episode.

All in all, I will give this episode a 4.5 out of 5. I only knocked it the half a star because I can’t get passed Diggle’s shot.

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